Valentine Story

This is a neat story that the children all enjoy each year.  As you read the story, you tear a heart as you read the part about the mouse nibbling and chewing.  You will need a large piece of paper (9x12) and fold it in half horizontally.  The first heart will need to be a big one to have space to make the other hearts in the story.  It is a good idea to practice on this before you do it with the kids.  You can glue the last heart for Melanie Mouse on a large, white paper or paper doily.


Melanie Mouse's Valentine

One morning, just before Valentine's Day, Melanie Mouse was sweeping her porch when a large piece of red paper blew past her.  She ran after it.  "This will make a fine valentine to decorate my home," she thought as she carried the paper to her house.  Once inside, she set to work making her valentine.  She carefully folded it exactly in half, then she nibbled and chewed, chewed and nibbled, until she created a big, red heart. 

"This would make a lovely valentine for Mr. Bear," she thought as she admired the heart.  "It is very large, just like he is.  It would brighten up the old, dark cave he lives in.  But this is all the paper I have.' 

She scratched her head with her little mouse claws, then she smiled.  She had an idea.  She took the heart, folded it, then nibbled and chewed, chewed and nibbled.  When she finished, she had made a smaller heart from the middle of Mr. Bear's valentine.  "Now I have a big heart for Mr. Bear and a smaller heart for me."  She was about to hang her valentine on a wall when she thought of Rabbit.  

"This smaller heart would be perfect for Rabbit," Melanie said aloud.  "He lives in the hole in the garden, all by himself.  But I would like a valentine, too.  Maybe I can make a heart for Rabbit and for me."

Melanie Mouse folded the heart and nibbled and chewed, chewed and nibbled until she had a smaller heart cut from the other.  "Now I have two hearts -- a valentine for Rabbit and a smaller heart for me.

But, just as she was about to hang up her heart, she thought of Robin.  "Mrs. Robin wakes me each morning with her lovely singing.  I would like her to have this valentine.  Perhaps I can still make a smaller one for me."  Melanie folded her heart and nibbled and chewed, chewed and nibbled until she had two hearts.  As she was finishing, there was a knock on her door.  When Melanie opened it, there stood Mo Mouse with big, wet tears soaking his furry cheeks.  "Why Mo Mouse, what's the matter?" she asked as she brought him inside.

"Oh, Auntie, I haven't gotten a single valentine.  And, all my friends have!"  Mo cried!  Melanie put her arm around M, then sat him in a big, cozy chair.  "I have a valentine just for you.  It's the perfect size for a little mouse," said Melanie as she gave him her valentine.  The little mouse-sized heart made Mo smile.  He thanked her with a hug and skipped off to show his friends.  Melanie gave a soft sigh...She was glad she made Mo happy, but she wanted a valentine to decorate her house. Then she had a wonderful idea.  She could have a valentine after all!  She picked up the scrap of paper from which Mr. Bear's heart had been cut and glue a fancy white doily behind it.  It was a beautiful special valentine all her own.  And, it looked just perfect on her wall.