April Homework



This is a collection of ideas that can be used as homework activities or as individual skill practice in the classroom.  There are ideas for helping you set up a Homework Plan that can be used for each week throughout the school year.


There are four weekly packages and a Spring Basket Decorating home project for a total of more than 30 printable pages included in the April Homework Ideas package. 

Homework envelope/folder





The Home Project for April is decorating a spring basket.  All of the patterns and directions are given in an easy to print, PDF format.  A letter to the parents is also provided for helping their child with the project.  A banner, "Spring Has Sprung!" can be printed to use for bulletin boards.  The samples are small and given in low resolution.  Even though they may sometimes be distorted, the PDFs that you will receive will print clearly.







Week 1

The homework weekly packets can be broken up or used together with the cover letter.  Or, you may choose to use part of the pages in the weekly packet as daily work in class.  The cover letter is included in the weekly package, but there is another copy of the letter that you can edit to suit your needs. 

Included in this week's package:  a full page of ideas for parents to help in mastering the top 50 High Frequency words, two different Bingo Game cards, word lists, activities for writing using these words.  There are also two math activities to reinforce identifying shapes and number words from 1-10.   Again, the samples do not show up clearly here, but will print clearly with the PDF files.  There are a total of 10 pages in the first week's package!




Week 2


This is a sample of the homework activities for the second week.   There are also more ideas and games for parents to play with their child to reinforce the High Frequency Words.





Week 3


There are a total of 11 pages in the third week's homework package.  The samples below show the writing paper with dotted lines, book cover for a class book, and a large banner that can be used for a bulletin board.  There are also activities for:  identifying shapes and making a picture using shapes, practice writing capitals and lower-case letters A-D, spelling consonant-vowel-consonant words and two activities for  counting by 2s.






Week 4.

The fourth week's homework package includes a story writing page for students to write a bunny story.  The choice is given for you to have students write factual information about rabbits or you can choose to have them write a fictional story about a bunny.  There is a book cover that you may use to make a class book of all the bunny stories.  If you would like to display the stories on the bulletin board, there is a large, three page banner.  Also included in this week are pages for using consonant blends, counting by 2s and 5s, handwriting practice for capital and lower case letters E-H. 







The April Homework Package includes four weeks of homework and a special Home Project for a total of more than 40 pages.   Each of the weekly packets have at least five activities.  These pages can be used for homework or in the classroom for skill work.  The package is available for $15. 

After payment is received, an access link will be provided for you to be able to instantly access the materials.  If you would like to pay by check, please contact me at:  linda(dot)c(at)kinderteacher(dot)com (please replace the words inside the () with the correct symbol)  Please let me know if you have any questions.


****Please note    I will email the access link within 24 hours to the email address on your Paypal account.  If you have not received an email with the access link within this time, please contact me!



Discount for Two Homework

If you are interested in the purchasing more than one Homework Package, there is a 10% discount given.  Please indicate in the message area or email me to let me know which months you are interested in purchasing.