Apple Art Projects



September Apple Block


Back to School Special!!


I have had so many requests for special directions and patterns for the "Monthly Blocks" that I am going to be making these available to those who are interested in purchasing this resource.  You will be provided with full colored pictures, patterns and detailed directions.  There is a different character for each of the months from September through May.  

An on line link will be provided to access the directions and patterns.  Please make sure you provide the correct email address for me to be able to send you this link.  There are no shipping charges since this is a digital link.  You will be able to start your projects as soon as you receive this link. 

The blocks that the children make use a 2x4x6 inch piece of wood.  They last forever and will be a family treasure for many, many years to come.  Many parents tell me that they still have all of the blocks and use them each year! 




 You will receive detailed directions to make the following:

SeptemberApple man ( see sample)

October   Pumpkin man

November  Turkey

December  Reindeer

January  Snowman

February  2 different blocks for Feb--Cupid and Abe Lincoln

March  Leprechaun

April   Bunny

May  Bee

This is a great time to get started.  I will provide the link for you as soon as I receive payment for you to be able to get started right away on your monthly blocks!!  The cost will be $14.99 with no shipping charges.  If you would like to pay with a credit card, click below on the link.  If you would like to pay by check, please contact me by email at lcritchell@ (no space.)



Paper Plate Apples

The  apples above were made on a small paper plate.  Each child painted glue on the plate and attached pieces to cover both sides.  The pieces can be torn or cut for a different look.  They can also be red, green or yellow. A stem and a leaf were added.  These were hung from our lights/ceiling in our classroom.   You can see an example of these on the September Bulletin Board page. 


Apple Glyphs

This is the simple glyph that we start the year off with each year.  You can follow the guide below for each child to complete his/her own apple. 





This apple art project was given to me by Paige Brown from Fairfield, CA.  They are made with a pattern using red on one side and green on the other to hang.  Scraps of paper are used to stuff for a 3 D effect.  You will also need double leaves and stems to cover both sides.  You can tell that this is her sample given to me--the lines are all straight!




This is one of my favorite art projects that we do each year.    The project is done with red, green and brown tempera paint.  This project is included with pattern and full directions on the September Ideas package that will be available for purchase. 





This project was done with real apples cut in half vertically.  We tried to keep the stem on the apples, but that wasn't always possible.  We found that the apples made much better stamps if we cut the apples the day before and let them dry out a bit.  See September Bulletin Board page for these projects on display.


I have had this project for many years, and I can't remember where I found the idea.  I haven't used in Kindergarten.  It might be a bit difficult for them.  But, it probably could be adapted for Kindergarten age.    The pieces are doubled and glued onto both sides of a long piece of yarn.  These look really cute done in red, green and yellow hanging in the room.   



Another Hanging Apple Idea

Two large apples were cut using red, yellow and green construction paper. A regular wire coat hanger was glue in the middle for the hanger.  The children attached the stems, leaves and a worm to their apple.  These were hung from our lights for September! 

Other Art Ideas:

1.  Use a paper bag (upside down) to show the parts of an apple tree.  Place apple tree (leaves, branches, apples and trunk) at the top.  Use the bottom of the bag (flap part) to put roots to show they are under the ground.

2.  Apple Collage--Cut out pictures of apples, recipes and apple products from magazines.  Arrange on poster paper.  Pictures could be collected as a homework assignment and one large collage made for the class.

3.  Quilled Apples  This might be hard for Kindergarten students, but is fun for older students.  Cut 12"x 1/2" strips of construction paper.  Let each student cut out a large apple shape (or provide the pattern.)  Wrap each strip around a pencil, slide it off, and glue it standing on edge to the apple.  Children should hold each strip in place until the glue has dried enough to hold.  One inch strips would be easier to handle for younger children.  When the apple is filled in, attach a stem and green paper leaves.   This idea can be adapted for other seasons--pumpkins, bells, hearts, eggs, flowers, etc.