There are so many fun things to do in the spring.  We have included our favorites.  Hope that you can find something that you can use in your classroom.                                                                          


April Showers

This was a door decoration was done with a very large umbrella made using colored and flowered tissue paper.  It was backed with butcher paper and laminated.  A black, construction paper handle was added.  The rain drops were cut from light blue, construction paper that had been folded in fourths.  You can see the bottom ones were falling open!  We added each child's laminated photo to the raindrops.  Then, in May we unfolded the raindrops to make the raindrops into flowers.  We also changed to title to say:  April Showers Bring May Flowers.  We also used polyester batting for the clouds. 




Hanging Umbrellas

These giant umbrellas were made with newspaper.  The adult puts about 6 layers of newspaper together to cut a giant size umbrella.  The kids paint the umbrella.  The handle is attached after the umbrella is dry.  We had the children decorate their umbrella with stickers, paint, dotted stickers, and patches.  Some of them were hung from the lights and the rest were put on the bulletin board.  Our title was "April Showers Bring Mud Puddles"  and added footprints in brown from that bulletin board to the next bulletin board. 





Hand Print Flower Bulletin Board



This is an idea that was given to me by Kerry from British Columbia.  Thanks, Kerry!  Each child's hand was dipped in paint and their handprint stamped around in a circular shape.  Their pictures were added to the center of the flower.  Pictures were cropped into a round shape. 







We gave each child copies of a six pointed star type flower.  These were cut out and mounted on a 9x12 piece of blue construction paper.  Then each child coiled a piece of 4x 1 1/2" piece of paper for the center "trumpet."  The end of each trumpet was dipped in a bit of white glue and allowed to dry flat.  Green strips of construction paper were tucked under the flower and trimmed off at the bottom of the blue paper.  These were very colorful, and the children had lots of fun making them.