Children's  Aprons


These aprons can be used for children in painting or any other messy projects.  Parents will appreciate using aprons in the classroom for all of those messy projects! 


Bib Style Apron

The bib style aprons are great for students doing messy projects.  Aprons are made with cotton blend fabrics and easy to wash and dry.  They measure approximately 20 inches long with a neck strap that will add approximately 8 inches to the overall length.  The apron measures approximately 20 inches cross where the straps are attached.  Most aprons have ties at the waist that are approximately 8 inches with Velcro on each end.  This makes it adjustable to fit different sizes.  Also, the Velcro makes it possible for students to use independently!   Regular ties at the waist are also offered.  All aprons are $12 each.



#1. Star Print Bib Style Apron with blue background.   $12




#2.  Lots of yummy cupcakes with yellow background.  $12




#3.  Cute zoo animals border print apron. Please note that the jungle animals may vary.  $12 


#4.  White stars on a bright blue background apron.  $12 




#5 Blue bandana bib apron $12


#6 Red bandana bib apron $12


#7 Lots of pencils on a black background--Cute school apron! $12



#8 Purple Swirled print apron $12




#9 Under the Sea with lots of fish!  $12



#10 Fun print with watermelons, starfish & shells.  $12

#11.  Brown Bear on a black background apron.  Please note that animals may vary on each apron.  $12




#12.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar Apron with caterpillars on the background.  Please note that the food printed on the front may vary.  $12.





#13 Paintbrushes for a paint apron!  $12


#14 Sparkly stars paint apron!  $12


#15   The Dog Ate My Homework!   $12

This apron has ties for the waist.


    Click for close up!








Cobbler Style Apron

Each of the Cobbler style aprons are fully lined and made of cotton blend fabrics making them easy to wash and dry.  The approximate measurements for the cobbler style apron are:  across the chest in front is 15 inches (double) and the length is approximately 22 inches long.  There are two Velcro type fasteners on the back of each of the cobbler aprons.  This makes it easy for the children to use the aprons without adult help.  $18 To order, please see below.


Front View

Back View  





Red Bandana printed apron with two Velcro fasteners in back.  $18





#2. Blue bandana printed apron. $18









#4.  Lots of colored pencils with black background.  $18














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