December Homework Ideas



This is a collection of ideas that can be used as homework activities or as individual skill practice in the classroom.  There are ideas for helping you set up a Homework Plan that can be used for each week throughout the school year.


There are four weekly packages and the Gingerbread Man home project with more than 30 printable pages.  Even though you might not need four weeks of homework for December, you can pick and choose which ones you would like to do.  The others can also be used in your classroom for skill work.

Homework envelope/folder


Some of the activities that are included in the December Homework package include:  phonics, reading, sight word activities for high frequency words, writing, listening skill practice, handwriting practice, building literacy skills, games and other fun homework activities for students.  Also included are math skills such as counting, graphing, money concepts, writing numbers, and adding. A fun Gingerbread Man home project is also included with ideas on how to make your own gingerbread house in your classroom.  This project comes with a letter to the parents giving directions on how they might assist their child.  Each homework package comes with a cover sheet that you may edit to fit your own classroom needs. 

Gingerbread Man Home Project



Samples of "The Gingerbread Men/Women"




Several choices are given for letters.  You can choose which letter you would like to use.  One letter can be completely edited if you would like to make changes. 

Week 1 Homework


Included in this week's homework packet is a fun activity to do with the students.  Each child decorates a small Gingerbread Man (in class) and pretends that he has run away.  He/She takes the Gingerbread Man home with a letter to explain the project to the parents.  There is another letter for each child to send to a friend or family member (preferably out-of-state) asking them to send your class a post card from where they live.  You might like to use this as part of your Social Studies unit and use a large map for a bulletin board to track where the Gingerbread Man traveled.  Patterns and letters are included for your class to complete this fun project!






A cover sheet sample is shown at left.   This cover sheet is formatted for you to be able to edit and change to fit the needs of  your students.  It also gives more complete directions for the weekly packet and helpful ideas for parents to assist their child at home.  You can add or delete what you would like for each week.

Also included are two math activities for student to complete on counting and patterning.







If you choose to make a bulletin board using the Gingerbread activities, there is a banner you can use. (Sample shown)


Week 2 Homework Packet



The packet for this week includes a letter using the Dolch list of the 25 most commonly used words.  The letter to the parents explains how they might help their child at home in learning these words. 

Also included is a Bingo game to play at home for high frequency words, a listening skill worksheet, counting to 100, by 5s and 10s and a worksheet for counting money. 







Week 3 Homework Packet


The third week's packet includes:  handwriting practice, a worksheet for beginning sounds of j, m and t, a fun counting questionnaire page, and a worksheet for number words.  Another page has activities for learning about volume and the capacity of different sized containers.  There is also a little book for students to make for celebrating December holidays: Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza.  Lots of fun, educational things to do for homework!







Week 4 Homework Packet





Some of the things that are included in the fourth week's packet are: handwriting practice, a word game to play with the high frequency words, consonant blends, math graphing and addition.













Below are samples of some of the activities that are included in the December Homework Package.  The samples are given in low resolution, but the PDFs you will receive are full resolution and will print clearly.


Reading Samples





Writing Samples



     Math Samples




The December Homework Package includes four weeks of homework with more than 30 pages.  Each of the weekly packets have at least five activities.  These pages can be used for homework or use in the classroom.  The package is available for $15. 

After payment is received, an access link will be provided for you to be able to instantly access the materials.  If you would like to pay by check, please contact me at linda(dot)c(at)kinderteacher(dot)com (please replace the words inside the () with the correct symbol)

 Please let me know if you have any questions. 


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