Fall Fun Activities

Beautiful Fall Leaves


We used plain white, paper towels to make these watercolor leaves.  We used Liquid Watercolor paints by Coloration.  This paint is really great and the colors are really bright.  We gave each child an eye dropper to drop the colors onto the precut paper towel leaf.  They had so much fun with those droppers.  After they were dried, we mounted them on colored construction paper and laminated them.  I have only been able to find this special brand of watercolor online at a couple of places.  I bought mine from Discount School Supply.  It dyes rice, pasta and even wooden beads without alcohol!    http://www.earlychildhood.com/Store/

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Cornucopia Math

This project is lots of fun and reinforces counting, coloring, cutting, pasting and manipulating the cereal to correctly match the number on each of the cornucopia.  We used Trix cereal. 

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This is a copy of the cornucopia set we use for the kids to color, cut out and paste on the orange construction paper.  The orange construction paper has lines to give them a space to glue each cornucopia and keep straight! 

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After all the of the cornucopias are glued down, we have them glue on each piece of cereal to match the number.  We always have leftover cereal for the children to eat!

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Hanging Leaves

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These leaves look so pretty hanging from the light fixtures in our room each fall!  We give each child the following colored leaves:  red, orange, yellow and purple.   They are folded in the middle and stapled or glued at the fold.  A piece of yarn is used to hang them.                                                

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