I have put together some of my favorite ideas and activities for February.  There are ideas to cover all areas of the curriculum.  All patterns are included with PDF files that make it very easy to copy and use in your classroom.  Detailed directions are also provided with each of the activities shown on this page.  The cost for all of the ideas is $15.  See details at the bottom of the page.  I hope that you will find things that you will be able to use, and they will also be some of your favorite ideas for February!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  You may contact me at:   lcritchell @kinderteacher. com (no space between letters.) 


February Bingo



A blank grid and a grid with pictures are provided for playing Bingo.  This is a great game for listening and reinforcing all of the February events with symbols.  Each student's Bingo card will be unique since they make their own card!  This can be used for the whole month of February. 


February High Frequency Word

 Card Game

"Boom!" is an card game that can be played with as many as six or seven children, or as few as two. We play it to practice the 25 most frequently used words (Dolch words.)  The students LOVE this game, and it is a great way to practice alphabet letter names and sounds!









Groundhog's Day Activities

Groundhog Poem


A fun little, rhyming poem with a printable  banner that can be printed.  Or, you might choose to put it on sentence strips to track on a hanging chart. 

Another poem/song that can also be sung to "I'm a Little Teapot."  Both are great for developing phonemic awareness skills!

Stick Puppet


Make a stick puppet to celebrate Groundhog's Day.   Patterns with complete directions are included. 








Groundhog Headband

Patterns in PDF files and directions for students to make their own headband to celebrate Groundhog's Day! 


Groundhog Story



Dotted lined paper is provided in PDF file for students to write or dictate a story about groundhogs.  I have also included a colored cover if you would like to bind/staple all of the stories together for a class book.





Groundhog Book


Make a little book to celebrate Groundhog's Day with pattern and directions! 




Groundhog Graph

A fun graph to predict what each child thinks will happen on Groundhog's Day.  Will the groundhog see his shadow, or not?  Then, check to see how many were correct with their prediction.

Patterns, directions and banner for making a complete graph with your class.  Just print and you are ready to go!




Fun books to use for Groundhog's Day




Dental Health Month


February is Dental Health month and a great time to reinforce good habits with a short unit.  These fun activities are provided with PDF files to copy and use for a short unit promoting good dental health!  The chart below is part of a large toothbrush to take home and remind students to brush their teeth.  There is also a letter to the parents explaining the project and an award for those completing the chart for one week.  

Paper Bag Puppet

Kids always like making paper bag puppets.  PDF file for patterns are given with directions.


Dental Health Chart

Make a chart to keep track of brushing teeth.


A letter to the parents to help assist their child in completing the Dental Health chart. 



Tooth Brushing Award


This award can be copied and given to each student completing the chart.


Dental Health Songs

Two songs to sing with your class to encourage taking good care of their teeth!  The tunes are easy, familiar songs, too.



Abe Lincoln

Make a fun bulletin board with all three projects shown in this bulletin board photo.  Complete, easy to print patterns and ideas to celebrate Abe! 


Lincoln Story Paper

1.  Lincoln is famous for carrying things in his hat.  This is a fun way for children to tell what they would carry in their hat!  This activity can be written or done with pictures.

2.  Patriotic stars project that is great for February Presidents.

3.  Make these fun little Abe Lincoln characters to complete a very patriotic bulletin board.


     Heads up for Honest Abe! 


Patterns and directions for making a Lincoln blue ribbon with a Lincoln Penny!  Kids can wear them home on Lincoln's Day.



Abraham Lincoln Book


This is a little book to help students recognize American symbols associated with President Lincoln. 


Lincoln Log Cabin


Children make a Lincoln "log" cabin.


Lincoln Silhouettes

Pattern is included to make a silhouette of Lincoln. 



Celebrating Washington's Birthday




Three Corner Washington Hats



Patterns, directions and a little poem about the three cornered hats is provided in PDF file.


Martha Washington Hats

You might choose to have the girls wear a Martha Washington hat instead of the three cornered hat.



Washington Silhouettes

PDF file pattern is included to make a silhouette for Washington. 




Handwriting practice using a famous little poem for honoring our first president.  Great for phonemic awareness, social studies, reading and handwriting practice!


Make a Cherry Pie!


Even though we all know the legend of Washington and the cherry tree is probably not a true story, we read the book about it.  Then we make our own cherry pie! 


Washington's Hatchet

Make this fun hatchet to tell the story of Washington and the cherry tree.  We also learn how to handle the hatchet as if it were a real hatchet and not as a weapon!    



Valentine's Day Activities



This is a fun, home project that students complete with their family.  A heart pattern and a letter to parents is provided to make decorating the Valentine heart fun for all! 


Giant Hearts!


Directions and ideas for students to make a giant Valentine to wear home on Valentine's Day.  Valentine's Day poem is given in PDF file to print and attach to the front on the Valentine.  Also, a letter to the parents asking for fun things to decorate the Valentines.






Directions and ideas are given to make crowns for Valentine's Day.  The kids absolutely LOVE these crowns and love to wear them back to school after Valentine's Day!





Woven Hearts



Make a Woven Heart bulletin board with directions.  A pattern is given for the children's faces. 






Make these cute, little woven hearts to go with the big heart!  Easy to copy patterns and directions are given.



Bottle Beastie

Valentine Containers


These containers were constructed as a home project using a plastic bottle.  A parent letter is provided with  directions and ideas to assist their child in a PDF file. 



This worksheet is a fun way to use candy hearts to introduce the concept of estimation!  Worksheet is provided and directions for this activity.  This is a great activity to plan for Valentine's Day.




Directions for making these fun little Valentine photo magnet for your students.  




Write a story with dotted lines to help students.  Stories can be displayed as a cute bulletin board using lacy doilies as a background.  They can also be used in memory scrapbooks or bound into a class book, too!   A special book cover is also provided to bind the stories into the class book.





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