Gifts for Parents

These are some of the things that we have made for parents over the past few years.  I am always looking for new things for kids to make that the parents will be proud to use!  Click on each photo to enlarge.






               Snowman Blocks



I bought the cement blocks at Home Depot.  They are called "paver blocks" and they come in just the shape you see.  There is a square at the top and it is joined with an octagon shape at the bottom.  It is one piece.  They were in the garden dept of Home Depot.

Then we just bought regular house paint and the kids painted them.  I bought the wire for the ear muffs at the hardware store or Michael's.  It came on a spool.   It needs to be heavy enough to hold up when twisted. 

I had a parent make the ear muffs with yarn.  But, you could buy the giant pompoms at a craft store.  We made our own pompoms by winding the yarn on a piece of cardboard about 75 turns.  Then you slide the yarn off the cardboard and tie in the middle.  Then we cut them apart on the ends to make the ball type pompom.   We hot glued and also used white glue to hold the ear muffs on the block.  The scarfs were made using a scrap of fabric and tied around the snowman's neck.

The kids decorated the face with paint markers that are available at Michael's.  The wooden hearts I painted with red paint and the kids glued them on with white glue.  Some of the kids picked the white snowflakes and stars.  They also glued their buttons on with white glue.   It is a project that takes several days to complete.  The parents loved them, though. 

These blocks are very heavy!  I did not let the kids handle them.  I also had the parents pick up the blocks.  I didn't trust the kids at carrying them home.  I was afraid that someone would break their foot if they dropped them.  They are heavy!!  Each block weighs 8 1/2 pounds!






Christmas Can Decoration


A medium sized tin can was used to make these little decorations.  A small hole was drilled in each side and a wire was used for the handle.  Tan paint was used to sponge paint the can.  When the paint was dry, they sponge painted the red border.   Then a stencil or a stamp could be used for the other decorations.





 Terra cotta Tile Trivets




Click on the photo to enlarge. 

These trivets were made on a 6 inch purchased terra cotta tile.  They are available at almost any tile store.  The children used a stencil to sponge paint the  bear.  We used acrylic paint for this.  The details were added with paint type markers that are available at Michael's.  We sprayed a clear acrylic paint on to seal them.  The children glued small pieces of felt on each corner of the back to prevent scratching.  Parents have loved these! 





Christmas Hand Print Plates

I was very excited to find these beautiful Christmas plates at a local dollar store!  I investigated the china type paint and discovered that there is a type that is safe to use on dishes and serve food on the plate after painting.  It is carried at Michael's and Joanne's.  It is made by Pebeo and called "Porcelaine 150."  It is also carried in a marker form for the children to be able to write their name and the date.

After painting with this paint, you let it dry for 24 hours and then bake it in a 300 degree oven for 30 minutes!  That's it!

  The sample was done using my hand.  But there will be plenty of room for the children to write their name on their plate!