January Homework Ideas




This is a collection of ideas that can be used as homework activities or as individual skill practice in the classroom.  There are ideas for helping you set up a Homework Plan that can be used for each week throughout the school year.


There are four weekly packages and a Snowman home project for a total of more than 30 printable pages. 






Homework envelope/folder


Some of the activities that are included in the January Homework package include:  phonics, reading, sight word activities and games for high frequency words, writing,  two small books to make at home, handwriting practice, building literacy skills, games and other fun homework activities for students.  Also included are math skills such as counting, graphing, money concepts, sorting, telling time, ordinal numbers, writing numbers, and adding. A fun snowman home project is also included.  This project comes with a letter to the parents giving directions on how they might assist their child.  Each weekly homework package comes with a cover sheet that you may edit to fit your own classroom needs. 




Snowman Home Project

This is a fun book to use for a home project with students.  If you don't have the book, "Snowballs," by Lois Ehlert, you can still do the project.  The homework package has a legal sized snowman pattern and a letter to the parents giving directions on how they might assist their child.  The parent letter is formatted for you to be able to edit.




Week 1 Homework


The first week's homework package includes: 

1.  Cover sheet to explain assignments to parents.

2.  Handwriting practice for the letter "O"-- capital and lower-case.

3.  Three pages of flashcards for the first 25 high frequency words.  (Dolch list)  The cover sheet gives ideas on how to use the flashcards to help their child master these words.

4.  A two page "Winter Fun" little book for children to make.  This page emphasizes the high frequency word "can" on each page. 

4.  There are two math pages.  One of the pages is for  practice in writing numbers on a January calendar and the other page works on counting money (penny and nickels.)



Week 2 Homework



The second week's homework package includes: 

1.  Handwriting practice for the letter P ---capital and lower-case.

2.  A letter to parents to explain "inventive spelling."  Inventive spelling is term used to describe how children use the phonetic skills they are learning to help them sound out the words.  I have found that this explanation gives parents helpful hints on how to encourage using inventive spelling at home.  It also relieves some of the anxious parent's idea about spelling words incorrectly.  They are usually accepting of the idea that this is a developmental process!

A blank story page for students to write a "Winter Fun" story.  A book cover  and bulletin board banner are also included.  I like to use the stories for a classroom bulletin board and then later combine all of the stories in a class book.

3.  "Sounding Out Words" is an activity page to encourage student to listen to the sounds in consonant-vowel-consonant words.  Pictures are given for these three letter words.  I have used this idea to dictate short CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words in class.  It really helps students in developing writing skills!

4.  Practice writing the capital and lower-case P.

5.  There are two different math worksheet for math.  One activity is for telling time by the hour and another page for counting pennies and nickels. 


Bulletin Board Banner




Week 3 Homework



The third week package includes:

1.  Cover page shown at left.

2.  Handwriting practice for the capital and lower-case Q.

3.  Two different pages to work on number of syllables in words.  There is also an explanation for parents to work on this skill at home.








4.  To help in celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday, there is a story writing paper for students to write about what their dream is to make the world a better place.  There are two different book covers to make this into a class book.  Also included in this packet is a classroom bulletin board banner that you might like to use to display the stories.  

  (Bulletin Board Banner)


5.  For math work, there are two different activities.  One page provides practice for writing numbers to 100 and the other page is a cut and paste activity for sorting.




Week 4 Homework


The fourth week package includes:

1.  Cover page shown at left.

2.  Handwriting practice page for the capital and lower-case "R." 

3.  "Rain"  This is a  small, emergent level book to reinforce the high frequency word "the."  Students add the word to the seven boxes and illustrate the pages.  Ideas are given to the parents to help students read and track the words.

4.   R Sounds    Students are given words in a word box to match the shapes of the letters to write each word.  Pictures of each word are also given to help students.


5.  Popcorn Math is a cut and paste exercise for addition.  Students can manipulate the pieces to find the answer.

6.  The Runway ---- The ordinal numbers practice page is a great way to reinforce ordering things and learning first through tenth. Students match numbers and number words. 


Below are samples of some of the many activities that are included in the January Homework Package.  The samples are given in low resolution, but the PDFs you will receive will print clearly.


Reading Sample Pages



1:  Rain book to make at home reinforcing high frequency words.

2:  Sounding out consonant-vowel-consonant words.                  

3:  "Winter Fun" book to make at home.                                                          

4:  How Many Syllables?                                                           

5:  Ending Sounds





Writing Sample Pages


1:  Winter Fun book cover

2:  Handwriting Practice




Math Sample Pages


1:  Counting Nickels and Pennies

2:  Sorting Activity    

3:  Ordinal Numbers practice


The January Homework Package includes four weeks of homework and a special Snowman Home Project for a total of more than 30 pages.  Each of the weekly packets have at least five activities.  These pages can be used for homework or for skill practice in the classroom.  The package is available for $15. 


After payment is received, an access link will be provided for you to be able to instantly access the materials.  If you would like to pay by check, please contact me at: 

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