Even though many schools are not in session during the month of June, all of the ideas can be used as end-of-the-year activities that can be completed at home or school.  There are ideas for helping you set up a Homework Plan that can be used throughout the school year.

Included in the package are:  a Home Project, two weekly packages and a summer package of daily homework activities for students to work on throughout the summer months.  There are many ideas and suggestions for parents to assist their child in retaining skills taught in Kindergarten. 

The homework cover sheets are formatted to make it easy for you to change the weekly assignments to suit your needs.  You can mix and match the assignments!  Choose what you would like to do and save the other activities for use in the classroom.




This is a sample homework folder that I used and found to work well for students to use for taking homework to and from school.  Directions and patterns are provided for you to use this system. 







The samples do not show up clearly here, but will print clearly with the PDF files. 


The June Home Project is a fun activity for students to decorate a "paper doll" of themselves to show what they liked best about Kindergarten.  A body template and a letter to the parents is provided to make this an easy to do project.  A bulletin board banner is also given that you can put together and use for a very cute bulletin board!




You can also have students write about what they liked best about Kindergarten.  These can be displayed with the completed "dolls" for a terrific bulletin board for Open House or the end-of-the year!






Bulletin Board Banner sample



Week 1 Homework Activities


The homework for the first week includes a little book that students make about their favorite things.  The book has eight   sheet pages (see sample below.)  This package has one paper for students to practice writing all the letters of the alphabet with examples given in dotted letters.   Another fun page for students to complete is a record their height, weight and handprint.  A great Math game for students is given for students to practice addition facts and different ways to add.  There is also a math grid for students to practice writing the numbers from 1-100.  There are a total of  seven pages in the first week of homework. 


The cover sheet is a direction page for the parents to assist their child with the homework packet.  Helpful suggestions are provided and with ideas on how to help their child throughout the summer.

This page is given in a format that you can edit.  If you would like to add or delete items, it is very easy to customize the homework packet. 



Below are five samples that are included in the first weekly package.  The samples are a bit distorted, but the PDFs will print clearly.                                             






Week 2 Homework Activities

        Please note that the samples do not show up clearly here, but will print clearly with the PDF files.  


The homework packet for this week includes a cover sheet to provide directions and ideas for parents to assist their child in completing the homework.  This can also be edited if you need to make changes.







 Also included in the second week homework package are activities for Boom Math Game for number recognition, a student made book to reinforce color words, alphabet practice, a math measurement activity to teach how to measure household objects, and an eight page student ( sheet pages) Kindergarten memory book of favorite things they liked during their year in Kindergarten. 







Summer Skill Practice

Since most schools are not in session for the third and fourth week of June,  summer skill practice activities and ideas are given for parents to use throughout the summer. 

The list of activities include the following:

Daily activities for each day throughout the summer are given on calendars for June, July and August.  The calendars include reading, math, and many other activities to reinforce  and practice Kindergarten skills to help better prepare students for first grade. 





An alphabet letter and sound assessment is given with directions and suggestions for parents to use for teaching and reinforcing the alphabet letter names and sound.  Also included are the consonant blends and common word endings. 







Phonemic awareness activities and ideas are suggested for parents to use for rhyming words, finding the beginning, middle and ending sounds in words.






The Dolch Word list with the 100 most commonly used words is given with a full page of ideas on how parents can help their child master these words during the summer.






Other activities (not pictured) include:

1.  An alphabet letter chart with arrows is included to show how each letter should be correctly written.  There is also a blank grid for students to practice writing capital and lower-case letters during the summer.


2.  A blank number grid is included to provide extra practice in writing numbers from 1-100.



The June Homework Package includes a home project and two weekly homework packets for the first two weeks in the month.  In addition, there are more than ten pages in the Summer Homework package.  These pages are for use during the summer months to help students retain reading and math skills. 


There are a total of 35 pages in the June Package.  These pages can be used for homework or in the classroom for skill work. The package is available for $15.

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