In Like a Lion or a Lamb?

We discussed the old legend of the lion and the lamb.  If the weather is stormy, it is like a lion.  Nice, warm days are like a lamb!  It is said that if March comes like a lion, it will go out like a lamb!  We all wondered if March would come in like a lion or a lamb?  We all predicted last Thursday, and most of us thought  that March would come in like a lamb.  But, most of us were wrong.  March 1 was not a sunny day!  So, only five people were right. Ask your child what he/she predicted the weather would be! 

VIP of the Week

We enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and learning more about Mr. C.  We found out that his favorite color is dark red, he loves chicken nuggets, the beach, and Star Wars books and movies.  He wants to trade place with Mrs. Critchell!!






Our March Leprechaun blocks.   


We have been celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with "Read Across America" this week.   There were lots of fun activities that we did to celebrate! 





  We had a dinosaur, a princess, Clifford, a Russian princess, and Huck Finn as our storybook characters!



                                                                                    Is that the Cat in the Hat?  






   Mr. Jetzer read two Dr. Seuss stories to us. 



We practiced rhyming words with our Cat in the Hat activities. 



                                                                                             Reading Fun




March Fun!



We will be reading lots of leprechaun stories in the next few weeks.  If you have any leprechaun books that you would like to share, we would appreciate it.  We are making our own leprechauns.  Soon we will be writing our own stories. 




We're getting ready for St. Patrick's Day!




VIP of the Week


Miss C shared all of her favorite things with us and we learned lots of interesting things about her.  Her favorite colors are purple and pink, she would love to visit Hawaii again, she loves ice cream and she would like to trade places with her mother!




Spring Eggs



                                                    Our Decorated Spring Eggs     




    We're ready for spring.  We made a rainbow blizzard! 



March Award Winners!




  Our PTA sponsored a very special visit from "Beatrix Potter."  She told us all about herself and many of the stories that she wrote.  Everyone loved hearing about all of her animal friends. Ask your child to share his/her favorite story that she told.  Mr. C was chosen from our class to help Miss Potter perform a magical trick! 


                                                             We painted our hats in beautiful spring colors! 



Then we all had a great time decorating our hats.  We appreciated all of the help from moms and dad!









                                                                         Back View 

Happy 6th Birthday




Thank you for all the yummy brownies and donuts!




Room 1 had a visitor over the weekend!  Please ask your child to tell you about the note that we found and what a mess we also found in our room.


We cleaned up the mess.   


    Then everyone found a green necklace that the "visitor" left for us to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!


We looked all over to find the visitor's forgotten shoes.                     


And we finally found the shoes!!                           


After we had our green treats we found another note and a pot of gold!!               


                                              It was a great day.           




Our bunny buckets   


  We made bunny ears.


                                                                      We used jelly beans to make a graph. 




We had an egg hunt in the garden. 






                     YUMMY TREATS!!                                             






Wow--- Six Years old!



Spring Parade