Martin Luther King, Jr. Activities

ML King, Jr. Book

After reading several of the books about ML King, we make our own book.  The book is 1/4 sheet of copy paper.  The cover was made on construction paper.  This is a picture of the cover:

We add the following pages inside for the children to illustrate:

1.  He had a dream.

2.  He dreamed that people of all colors would get along.

3.  They would work together.

4.   They would play together.

5.   They would eat and drink together.

6.   They would laugh and cry together.

7.   Celebrate the dream.



Teaching Little Children (TLC) Project

This idea was taken from the Winter book.  You can find these books at Click on the photos to see the pictures done last year.



Last year we used this video that was purchased on Ebay.  I find lots of great buys for our classroom on there.  You have to plan a bit ahead in order to pick up good buys, but it is possible.  I purchase craft materials that I am sure to use at bargain prices on Ebay, too! 

  "Our Friend, Martin" is about 30 minutes.  We viewed it in at least two parts.  Some of the events are difficult for Kindergarten age children to understand.  I would advise doing a lot of reading and discussing of ML King prior to seeing this video.  


Everyone Has Feelings

This is a lesson to teach the children that Dr. King believed that in spite of our differences, we are all basically the same and should be treated equally.  Each child is given a pattern of a paper doll that they decorate to look like themselves.  They complete a sentence of how all people are alike.  These can be displayed with connected hands.  Another cute idea is to have each child's sentence printed on a paper in large letters that is held in front of the paper doll. 


School Bus

One of the important events that we discuss was the issue of children going to different schools based on race.  Our children are always surprised to find out this information.  I am not able to provide a pattern since it is copyrighted.  But, you can make a pattern of a school bus and have the children put magazine pictures (or draw their own) in the windows of the bus to show all races of children riding the school bus. 

Another cute idea is to paint a small milk carton yellow and decorate it as a school bus.  Pictures can also be used to show all races of children riding the school bus.


Joining Hands for Peace

Each child traces his/her hand and tell how to make the world more peaceful.  Each child's idea can be written on the handprint or on a dove.  These can all be strung together with roving type yarn.  The doves could also be placed between the handprints for a colorful display. 


Martin Luther King Day by Linda Lowery

Martin Luther King, Jr: A Picture Story by Margaret Boone-Jones

A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. by David A. Adler

Meet Martin Luther King, Jr. by James T De Kay

Peace Begins with You by Katherine Schools

Martin Luther King by Alan Baker

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King by Jean Marzollo

Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport