Math Apple Activities


1.  Apple Glyph

This is a map of the Apple Glyph that we usually do each September as part of our apple unit.  Each child is given an apple according to the directions on the table.  I usually make the Glyph Maps with Printmaster to avoid having to draw! 

Click on photo to see enlarged photo.   


2. Graph

 Discuss all the ways that apples can be eaten.  Then have the students vote on their favorite way to eat apples. (juice, fresh apple, applesauce, apple pie, etc.)  Make a graph showing their favorites. 


3.  Apple Study

Have students bring an apple to school. The apples can be used for counting, sorting, comparing, patterning, graphing, and addition and subtraction activities.  When the apples are cut open, have students count, sort, compare and graph the seeds!


4.  Another Graph Idea 

Each student cuts open their apple and saves the seeds.  Use the worksheet to glue each seed in a square.  Click on the apple to see the worksheet I use for the students to put their seeds on.  We do this in a small group.

Then, later (with the whole group) we record this results on  a class bar graph to show how many seeds were in each student's apple.