All of our butterflies were out of the chrysalises on Monday, and we were very excited to be able to watch them.   If you would like to find out more information about the Painted Lady butterfly, please click on the butterfly.  Ask your child what color the wings of this butterfly look like when they are closed. 


Time to say goodbye to our butterflies!  








VIP of the Week!


We learned lots of interesting things about Mr. A this week.  We found out that he has one sister and two brothers.  He likes to shop at Toys R Us, he likes to play video games, his favorite season is winter and he likes Valentine's Day!  We enjoyed seeing all of his pictures of him and his family.  We look forward to hearing and seeing lots more of his favorite things this week.






                                   Mr. A and some of his buddies!


  Miss G shared her little bird that she helped to rescue.  She is feeding him special "baby" food!  She thinks he is about a week old. 



         If anyone would like to celebrate a summer birthday before school is out, please let Mrs. Critchell know!







Miss J and Mr. A celebrated both  "Unbirthdays" with us!  We thank both of them for the yummy cupcakes! 

  We loved playing Mr. A's pinata game and finding out WHO had the magic string to open the pinata.  Who was the lucky student???




                  We are authors!                            


Doing the Tooty-Ta!                  


We made beautiful flowers to show that we are "BLOOMING!"   



Our life cycle wheels were made using pasta to show the stages of a butterfly's life.  


We put all of our hands together to make a big flower to show all the parts of a plant. 


We made creepy, crawly caterpillars, too!






Mr. D celebrated his 6th birthday with us.  Thanks so much for the delicious cupcakes and new crayons for our classroom!


April Award Winners        


  We had so much fun playing a new math game to help us with the numbers from 1-100.  We used dice to play the game.  Ask your child to explain how we played, and who was the winner!  Did the students win, or did Mrs. Critchell?? 



The children were very anxious and excited for the Mother's Day Tea.  Everyone was very proud of their efforts and especially Mrs. Critchell!  They did a wonderful job.  There were so many terrific pictures that it was difficult to decide which pictures to post this week.  You will be getting a CD of all of the photos with your child.  Thank you so much for coming to the tea and helping to make it a very special day for all of us!













 We finished our very last block for the year. 



  Having fun with Mrs. Sleger's class on Wednesday.


We finished our last block of the year!   


We learn to cooperate.                    


    Special Olympics

   Our class made signs to cheer for Timmy and Anthony!    


We had lots of special guests visiting our school to help celebrate the Special Olympics.









Mrs. Slegers and I would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful flowers, goodies and gifts that you have given us.  We feel so lucky to have such wonderful children and parents to work with each day.  Thank you all for making us feel appreciated!!

Nitty Gritty Things


Mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 4 at 6:30 p.m. for our End of the Year Program.  We will be singing and have a special show of our year in Kindergarten.  You are welcome to invite the whole family.  There will be plenty of room in our MPR!


We have lots of special things planned for the last week of school!

    June 9   Movie and Popcorn Day.


June 10

1.  Donuts with Dads and special friends  8:15 a.m. -9:00.

2.  Board Games    Children may bring board games to play at school.



   June 11


Field trip to Huntington Beach Central library.  We will be going by bus!   Permission slips are needed.  If you need a permission slip, you can stop by and pick one up at school or click on the flower link to the right to print a copy of the permission slip. 



  June 12    This will be a walking field trip to the park at Graham and Edinger.  Everyone is welcome to join us there!  We will leave Village View at 9 a.m. and be there until about 11:15 for a regular dismissal time.  If anyone would like to walk with us, please let Mrs. Critchell know.  Please return the permission slip!


June 13   Last day of school will be "Water Day."   Children will wear their swim suits to school with clothes over the suit.  They will need to bring a change of clothes for after our water activities.  Flip flops are acceptable for the day and other water toys.  We could use bubbles, water balloons filled and other fun water toys that day if anyone is interested in helping?