May Homework                    



This is a collection of ideas that can be used as homework activities or as individual skill practice in the classroom.  There are ideas for helping you set up a Homework Plan that can be used for each week throughout the school year.


There are four weekly packages and a May home project for a total of more than 30 printable pages. 






Homework envelope/folder




Some of the activities that are included in the May Homework package include:  phonics, reading, sight word activities and games for high frequency words, writing,  books to make at home, handwriting practice, building literacy skills, games and other fun homework activities for students.  Also included are math skills such as counting, graphing, money concepts, sorting, telling time, ordinal numbers, writing numbers, and adding. A fun Home Project of decorating a flower is also included--see below.  This project comes with a letter to the parents giving directions on how they might assist their child.  Each weekly homework package comes with a cover sheet that you may edit to fit your own classroom needs. 



May Flower Home Project


Included in the May Homework Package is a family home project for students to decorate a flower.  Five different flower patterns are given for you to choose in an easy to print PDF file.  (Only three pictures are shown below)  A letter to the parents is also provided giving parents ideas to help their child complete the project.  A large banner, "Our Spring Flowers!" can be printed to use for a bulletin board.  This is a great bulletin board for Open House or end-of-the year!  A sample of the letter and three of the five flower patterns are shown below in low solution and may be distorted.  However, the PDFs that you will receive will print clearly.






Week 1 Homework


The homework weekly packets can be broken up or used together with the cover letter.  Or, you may choose to use part of the pages in the weekly packet as daily work in class.  The cover letter is included in the weekly package, but there is another copy of the letter that you can edit to suit your needs. 

Included in this week's package:  Handwriting practice for capital and lower-case letters I-L.  A fun game to practice the high frequency words.  Two lists are provided for you to choose which list is more appropriate for your students.  The Dolch High Frequency word lists from 1-50 are used for this game.  There is also a little book for students to make at home to practice reading high frequency words and counting by 2s.  Another worksheet for students to practice writing their name, address and phone number.  A May calendar is included for students to gain experience in reading a calendar and identifying dates.

A few samples of Week 1 are shown below.  The samples of the letter and three of the other activities are shown below in low solution and may be distorted.  However, the PDFs that you will receive will print clearly.




Week 2 Homework

The homework for the second week includes Mother's Day activities for students.  These can be completed as homework or as class work. The homework set has a copy of the cover sheet that can be edited if you would like to add or take out any activity. 


This week's packet includes student activities for:  practicing handwriting "Mother,"  writing a poem for mother, a very simple word search puzzle, story writing activity for "Super Mom," a book cover that you may choose to use for making a class book, and an addition math activity. 

A few samples of the second week's homework are shown below.  The resolution isn't as clear as the PDFs that you will receive. 





Week 3 Homework


The third week's homework packet includes a cover sheet that helps parents assist children with homework and helpful hints.  This cover sheet can be edited to allow flexibility in planning your weekly homework assignments.

The packet includes the following activities: 

1.  Handwriting practice for the letters M-P

2.  Eight page, emergent level reading book on ladybugs that students illustrate and put together.  This book focuses on  the high frequency word "is."  Students add this word to each page.  It also provides an opportunity to practice reading.

3.  Magic E Words are featured on this worksheet.  Parents are given directions on helping their child understand the magic e rule and other examples are given.

4.  A worksheet on identifying coins --penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

5.  A Writing Numbers practice worksheet is included with dotted font to assist students correctly form numbers.

A few samples of the second week's homework are shown below.  The resolution isn't as clear as the PDFs that you will receive. 





 Week 4 Homework

Included in the fourth week's homework package is the cover sheet that can be edited.  Also included are the following activities:

1.  Handwriting practice for the letters Q-T.

2.  For a Memorial Day activity, a class book can be made with the stories that students write on why they are proud to be an American.  These stories can be combined and used as a class book with the colorful, book cover that is also provided.  A large, three page banner is also given if you would like to make a bulletin board using the children's stories.  I like to use the stories as a bulletin board and then combine them in a class book.  (see sample below)

3.  A worksheet for learning about main characters in a story.  Students identify the main character and find ways they are alike and different.

4.  Writing Numbers from 101-200.  A number grid is given for students to write the missing numbers.  Parents are encouraged to continue to practice counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s with their child.

5.  Number Patterns    Students find the number and color pattern given and write what comes next to complete the pattern.  This is a great way to practice color words and math patterning.









The May Homework Package includes four weeks of homework and a special Home Project for a total of more than 40 pages.  Each of the weekly packets have at least five activities.  These pages can be used for homework or in the classroom for skill work. The package is available for $15.

After payment is received, an access link will be provided for you to be able to instantly access the materials.  If you would like to pay by check, please contact me at:  lcritchell @ (no space)  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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