Chest ---after     



Dresser Before picture        


After pictures                    

Materials were purchased at an antique store and not as a kit--

1.  Howard Clean-A-Finish  Wood and Upholstery Soap  This was used to thoroughly wash the furniture and it worked great on my kitchen cupboards, too!  I think this part took the longest time to get all the old furniture polish off.

2.  Howard Restore-A-Finish  (comes in different wood grain colors)  I used this with fine steel wool to rub out the scratches, dings and all the water circles.  WOW   what a difference!

3.  Howard Feed-N-Wax  Wood Preserver   This was used as a wax/polish and really made the furniture shine!

The quote that I was given to have it professionally done was including the headboard and footboard was $4,000!!!  YIKES!

I only spent about 2 hours doing both pieces of furniture and was thrilled with the results!


The Blue Room


The Green Room


 Bullnose Carpet


New quilt