Monthly Calendar Activities



There are lots of different ways to teach counting and writing numbers to children.  We use songs, poems, opening calendar activities. Zero, the Hero puppet activities, state adopted math series workbook activities, etc.  We also use calendar activities to practice counting and writing numbers with my class each month.  The calendar blocks can also be used to practice making patterns.  Patterns can be assigned to the class, or children can choose what pattern they would like to color on the worksheet---your choice!

The Monthly Calendar Activities Package includes a calendar worksheet for each month of the school year from January - August and will be updated each year.  The September calendar above is a completed sample of a "AB" (red, blue, red, blue) pattern.  


In addition to the calendars from , there are extra worksheets provided to practice counting and writing numbers.  I apologize for the poor quality of the sample given here.  The PDF file is a very clear worksheet with grid lines and dotted numbers to assist students in tracing the numbers. 






A second worksheet is provided for extra practice or homework.  There are only blank squares for this worksheet.  Again, I apologize for the distortion on the graphic. The PDF file is clear.


There are several more worksheet provided for in use in class or for homework: 

1.  Writing numbers from 1-50 with dotted font lines for tracing numbers.

2.  Writing numbers from 1-50 without lines.  (blank grid)

3.  Poster grid with numbers written from 1-100.

4.  A blank worksheet for practicing writing numbers from 1-100.


Lots of other ideas, resources and helpful hints are given for other math concepts in Kindergarten.  If you would like to order this package, it is available for $10.  After payment is received, I will email you the link.  You may use Paypal or pay by check.  If you would like to pay by check, please contact me at lcritchell (no space) 




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