Mother's Day Program


We start several weeks ahead of the program in learning the songs and poems.  We have the children do the whole program from the welcome to the finish. 

We have one child memorize the opening and they introduce the first song.  We do change the songs and the order depending on the children that we have.  Some years we have one of the children read the story by Jill Murphy, All in One Piece.  It is a darling story that every mom can appreciate. 

Some of the things that we have done in the past are:

1.  You Are My Sunshine (song)

2.  M-O-T-H-E-R  You can find this song on the internet.  I recorded it and the children sing along with the music.  It is very old but very sweet.  We put each of the letters on a piece of construction paper and give them to six of the children to hold up as we sing the song. 

3.  Bushel and a Peck (song)

4. Mothers are My Kind of People (poem)

Each child says one line of the poem


Mothers are my kind of people. They come in every possible size! 

They know when you’re telling a story, they just have to look in your eyes. 

They see when you’re pinching your brother, 

They know if you’re sneaking a snack!

Their eyes can be reading a paper, but somehow, they see out the back! 

Their hearing is just as amazing, you don’t have to be in their sight. 

They hear when you crumble a cookie and know if you cry in the night. 

A mother can smell like a tiger if you use after shave or perfume.  

She’ll know if you didn’t use toothpaste the minute you walk in the room. 

Mothers forget you were naughty as soon as you do something right. 

They praise you and say you’re terrific,

Then kiss you and hug you real tight! 

Mothers will say you are clever and handsome and pretty and smart. 

Mothers have ears, eyes, and noses, but really, they mostly all HEART!

5.  Another Mother Poem (each child says one line of the poem)


M……M is for every time I yelled “MOMMY!”

O…….O is for the one and only mom for me. 

T……..T is for the time you spend with me.   

H……..H is for your kind and loving heart.  

E……..E is for each and every bedtime story and good night kiss. 

R……..R is for rarely losing patience with me.

Put them all together and they spell MOTHER!  (all kids say this part)

(We have the kids raise a large letter as they say their part.)

6.  Ain't She Sweet (song)

7.  A, You're Adorable!  (song)  Each child is give a letter of the alphabet and they hold up their letter as we sing the alphabet song.  Some children have to hold up two letters.

8.  I Wish I Could Give You Diamonds (poem)

I wish I could give you diamonds or a treasure chest of gold. 
But instead it seems I give you the worst part of my cold!

I would like to give you flowers….Red roses would be best!
But instead it seems I give you no time to take a rest!

Since I have no money, I’ll do my best to say
How much I love you mom in each and every way! 

We assign these parts in three different children. 

 9.  We usually have each child stand and tell why his/her mom is special at the end of the program.  The last child thanks the moms and tell them that they will be served tea and cookies by their child. 

I recommend that you have an adult help with serving the tea and supervising the cookies. 

We try to include everyone with a speaking part.  The children are always so proud of themselves and the moms seem to enjoy the day. 

I think that you can find most of the music on the internet if you do a search.  I am not able to copy music.  Other poems can be substituted if you have favorites.  Moms always love whatever the children do! 





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