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This is a collection of ideas that can be used as homework activities or as individual skill practice in the classroom.  There are ideas for helping you set up a Homework Plan that can be used for each week throughout the school year.  The package includes four weeks of homework activities with a minimum of five activities per week and one home project. 




Homework Envelope/Folder                                                                              


Some of the activities for the October Homework package include:  phonics, handwriting practice, story writing, building literacy skills, and other fun things for students.  Also included are math skills such as patterning, sorting,  writing numbers, and counting.   Below are samples of some of the activities that are included in the September Homework Ideas package. 


October Home Project



The home project for October is a pumpkin for students to decorate.  This can completed as a pumpkin or a jack-o-lantern!  The home project is an extra activity that can be included as part of one of the weekly assignments, or it can be completed in place of one of the weekly packets.  A letter to the parents is provided for directions and ideas to assist them with the home project.  The letter is given in a format that you can edit the directions if you choose. 


Three different pumpkin shapes are given to add a little variety to the decorated pumpkins.  I always like to display the decorated pumpkins on a bulletin board when they are decorated and returned 





A bulletin board banner is also provided that you may print and use for this project.  Everything is included to complete this project! 







Also included, is an extra October Homework Idea letter with helpful hints for parents to help students at home.















This is a sample of the cover sheet (shown at left) for parents.  There are helpful hints and more detailed directions with each week's homework package.  These cover sheets are formatted for you to be able to edit and change to fit the needs of your students.  You can add or delete what you would like for each week.  In addition to the four weekly homework packages, there is the above Pumpkin Home project.  This can be included as one of the week's homework activities or done in place of one of the week's homework packet. 








Below are low resolution samples of some of the activities that are included in this package.  The PDFs you will receive are full resolution and will print clearly. 


Reading & Literacy Sample Pages









Writing Sample Pages          




Math Sample Pages




The October Homework Package includes four weeks of homework and a home project with more than 30 reproducible pages.  Each of the weekly packages have at least five activities.  These pages can also be used in the classroom, too.  The package is available for purchase for $15.  I hope that this package will provide fun, educational ideas for you to use with your students.  After payment is received, an access link will be given for you to be able to instantly access the materials.  If you would like to pay by check, please contact me at lcritchell @kinderteacher.com (no space.)  Please let me know if you have any questions.

*****Please note     I will email the access link within 24 hours after payment.  Please check your "junk" box.  If you have not received an email within this time, please contact me!





   Discount for Two Homework Packages

If you are interested in the purchasing more than one  Homework Package, there is a 10% discount given.  Please indicate in the message area which months you are interested in purchasing.  I will be working on completing homework packages for each month of the school year.  Please check back!