VIP of the Week

  Meet Mr. H!                                                                                                                                                      

We had lots of fun learning all about the things that he likes.  We know that he loves to go swimming in his pool, he likes to shop at Walmart for toys, he likes to eat chicken nuggets and he has a little sister. 


            Thank you for sharing your book and favorite dinosaurs with us!


We are learning about fall and made beautiful fall leaves with liquid watercolor.  The eyedroppers were fun to use, too! 



        Peter Peter, Pumpkin Eater            


 We all made a book to learn the nursery about Peter and his wife.   We had fun putting pictures of Peter and his wife in our books.  Then we heard the new version about Peter!  We put this poem on the back of our books.  We hope you have fun reading this with your child!  We used the pointer to help us learn how to track words.  Please continue to reinforce this skill with your child when reading at home. 





We made pumpkin frames, too.    

Sorting pumpkins by size.        



Everyone loved the little poem and song, "Five Little Pumpkins!"  We are making a picture to go along with the poem. Ask your child if he/she can remember the song and his/her favorite part. 


We made pumpkin frames.





We practiced writing our numbers from 1-10 and the letter T.  Mrs. Critchell is very proud of how much better we are all doing in writing and spacing.  Keep up the good work!!



We made bookmarkers with our Reading Buddies.          







We had our first awards for the month of September presented in class.   This month the award were presented for:


                                 On-a-Roll!    Yeah for Mr. L!    



                                                            Math --- Congratulations Mr. A!   



                                Reading Award    Terrific job, Mr. B!     



                                            Citizenship Award   Mr. A   Wonderful! 


           Mr. T, the firefighter, came to visit our class!


He taught us so many things that we will remember for fire safety.  He showed us all of his equipment that he has to wear.  He let us try on his suit, and we found out how heavy all of it really was to wear!






We appreciate Mr. T's visit.  He gave everyone who wanted to try things on the chance to do so.  Some of us were a bit shy!



                                                                               We are Junior Firefighters!


Miss J --VIP of the Week!




Thanks for sharing all of your pictures and telling us about your favorite things.  We learned that you like to eat pizza, your favorite color is red, and that you like to go to the beach!






  Our "Alphabat Alphabet" turned out really nice!  We are still missing a couple of letters and hope they will soon be returned for our complete alphabet.  We will be putting all of the bats into a book for everyone to enjoy.

We also made a graph to see how many children were afraid of bats.  We found out that only two children were afraid and 18 children were not afraid!



We are also making a great book about bats and learning lots of interesting facts about these interesting flying mammals.  To help your child learn more about bats, please click on the bat.  We will also be learning about other nocturnal animals. 


 We made a Venn diagram to compare birds and bats.  We put our bat in the tree so that he can sleep during the day!  Ask your child to share with you how bats and birds are alike and different.  Since we spent a lot of time in our classroom, we were able to watch "The Magic Schoolbus Going Batty" video.  We learned lots of interesting information about echolocation and how bats find their way at night.   




                                                  Harry, the Skeleton comes to visit us!


Some of us were a little scared of Harry, but we soon learned that all of us have a skeleton.  We made little books about animals with skeletons and worked on tracking the words in our little book. 



Our pasta skeletons.....

We made Halloween patterned necklaces.



Everyone loves Free Choice!



Mr. N is our VIP!!


He shared all of his pictures with us of his family.  His favorite color is red, he loves Spiderman and playing video games! 






We started our November Turkey blocks.   


We made Halloween ghost cards for our family.    


Graphing with "Dem Bones" candy.   



Halloween was lots of fun! 

Our Halloween parade took us through all of the classrooms at Village View.  Everyone thought we were WONDERFUL!  It was Pajama Day for the children in first through fifth grade, and it was fun to see them dressed, too. 










We had fun centers for Halloween, too.


Making a scary, witch hand filled with popcorn.   


  We decorated our own Halloween cookie and had cupcakes. WOW! 


                         YUM, YUM!!                   


We played Halloween Bingo for prizes. 


                              Mrs. Critchell gave us bags to use for Trick or Treating. 


We all had such a great time.  Thanks to all of the Moms, Dads and Grandparents who helped to make the day so much !!