October 1-5


Our Safety Unit



This week we have been learning all about safety and why it is important to follow the safety rules.  We hope to have a special visitor come to talk to us about following rules and being safe. 


      We made school buses and learned some rules about riding a bus.     



                We made stop signs and played "Red Light, Green Light!" 




VIP of the Week


 Our new VIP of the week shared lots of interesting information about himself.  He likes the color brown, he would like to visit Hawaii and he wants to trade places with the president!  We enjoyed seeing pictures of him at the beach and all the things that he likes. 




                                          We liked seeing his T Ball trophy, too!




Thank you Mr. C for bringing your very special pumpkin that you helped your grandpa grow in his garden!  What a very special treat to have in our classroom. 



We are learning to help each other!    



We made some scary faces!!




   Reading our Johnny Appleseed books in class.    



We started our jack-o-lantern block and had fun painting!           




The morning and afternoon classes had a special visitor on Wednesday.  She helped us in learning how important it is to wash our hands.  Ask your child to tell you how long she told us we should wash to be sure we get our hands really clean.  Also, see if he/she can remember how we were able to see if our hands were clean!



We have been working on making patterns.  Mrs. H helped us to make an AABB pattern on our October calendar.  Learning to see and make patterns will help us with lots of math concepts later!  Ask your child to see if they can find any patterns in your house or as you travel around town.  We also made patterned pumpkins.




Fun Building Haunted Houses






                Super Sack Time                           



Recess Fun                                            




October 8-12

   We celebrated Columbus Day.  We will making books and writing stories about Columbus this week.

                 We read about what the ships.


We are also starting our Fire Safety and Prevention study this week.  If you have things that you would like to share with us, please let Mrs. Critchell know. 

Mrs. Slegers helped us to learn how to use shapes to make our fire engines.  We use a square to make the round wheels on the engine.  Ask you child what shapes we used. 


  We read this book and then we practiced how to Stop, Drop and Roll!    '


We made our own fire engines and learned about all the different kinds of fire engines. 



                                   Painting our haunted houses.    


                                                    Decorating our houses.      





                                                       Our Pumpkin Man blocks. 


  We started our ghost project with Mrs. R's help.


We learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and made little books, too.  





Mr. C's Step-Dad is a Deputy Sheriff for LA County. He came to visit our class to tell us some important things about safety and all about his job.  Ask your child to tell you some of the things that he taught us. 




                                                                                                      October 8-12


This was our very first field trip and everyone loved the bus ride.      





We met Farmer Jerry at Westminster HS and he told us there are many different kinds of pumpkins.  He also told us about the different farm animals. 





                                                     We saw the pigs, and we could smell them, too! 


  The baby chicks were so cute!      



There were goats.                  

We found lots of pumpkins, too.                       


Some of us even chased a pig...     what fun!


It was a great field trip, and we thank all of the moms, dads and grandpas who were able to come along!!

Some new links that were recommended to us for kindergarten age children:

1. Ted and Floppy's online games and activities-- "http://www.bears.co.nz/games/games.htm 
2.  Jayzeebear is a great site for reinforcing shapes. 
3.  Good Night Stories has lots of fun things for kids.  There are alphabet pages, stories and all sorts of fun things. 
4.  Stories and lots of fun activities at Pigaroo!

 http://www.pigaroo.com/pig/pig-1.html-    www.pigaroo.com
5.  Ivy's site has Halloween things and other fun activities!  

Nitty Gritty Things


 1.  The Kindergarten classes are planning a field trip to the Westminster High School pumpkin patch for Friday, October 12.  This will be our first field trip, and we will be taking the school bus.  This is very exciting for those children who have never gone on the BUS!  Westminster High School has a real pumpkin patch with pumpkins growing in the field.  They also have a small FFA farm with animals for us to see.  If you are interested in going along on this field trip, please let Mrs. Critchell know.  We will be at the pumpkin patch between  10-11 a.m. (approximately)  Parents will be able to meet us there.  We will be leaving Village at approximately 9 a.m. and will return at 11.  We will be dismissing at our regular time.  Sorry, no younger siblings will be permitted to attend.  


2.  If you haven't returned your apple (apple of my eye) for your child's memory book, please do so as soon as possible.  These were handed out at Back-to-School night in your packet.


3.  Each child will receive a reading button for returning his/her RAH form each month.  Names will also be entered for a drawing for free books.  Your child will need to log at least 100 minutes per week or an average of 20 minutes per day .  Reading is so important at all ages.  Please click on the book to read a very interesting article.




4.  The Halloween parade is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 31.  Parents and younger siblings are welcome to follow along the parade route.  We will start at 8:45.  Please send your child dressed and ready to start the parade.  If he/she will need to change clothes, please send the clothes to school in a bag.  A snack will be provided!


5.  We would like to thank everyone who helped us in making our haunted houses.  The children worked very hard and a great time.  Everyone was so proud of their work.   We hope that you and your family enjoy them!