Open House Ideas


Coffee Filter Flowers

It is always bright and cheerful to have flowers for Open House.  We usually have our Open House sometime during the middle of May.  These flowers were made with coffee filters and watercolor.  We used Coloration Liquid Watercolors for the vivid colors. But, you can use other kinds of paint or food coloring.  We allowed the children to use eye droppers to drop the different colors on the filter and let the colors run together.  They love using the eye droppers.  When the filters were dry, we glued them on the blue backing paper and added green construction paper stem and leaves. 

These flowers are a bit hard to see, but they are made with coiled pieces of construction paper strips. You start with the yellow center strip.  Each strip is about 12 inches by 1 1/2 inches wide. I recommend using tacky glue to hold each rolled strip in place.  We punched a hole in the top with a paper hole puncher to hang them in our room.  You can make them larger.  This is a great project to do with an older reading buddy.

Sunny Days!

  Each child was given a paper plate to paint yellow or orange.  Then they were given squares to cut in half diagonally to make the triangles for the sun.  This is a great lesson on shapes and how to make triangles.  They are cute hung up in the room, or you could use this for a writing lesson on what they like to do during the summer.