Parent Site Map

I.  Information for Parents

   A.  ABCs of Kindergarten
    B.  The Value of Play

C.  Ways to Help Your Child at Home
    D.  The Reading Mom
E.  Small Motor Exercises
F.  101 Ways to Praise Your Child
G.  The Kindergarten Child
H.  When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
     I.   A Box of Crayons
     J.  Fun Things to Do or Make
            1.  Cinnamon Ornaments
          2.  Playdough
          3.  OOBLECK
          4.  Finger Paint
          5.  Bubble Brew

   K.  VIP of the Week 

   L   Sharing Super Sack
   M.  Field Trip Permission Form
   N.  Birthday Celebrations

II.  Monthly Activities
        (Each week's activities links here from September through June.)

III.  Web Links for Children

IV.  Our Classroom Wish List

V.  Frequently Asked Questions

VI.  Alpha Friends

VII  About Me