Memory Pillowcases







Front of pillowcase








Back of pillowcase









This is one of everyone's favorite projects.  You could have each child bring their own pillowcase, but we prefer to have new ones and all uniform size.  We have 20 children in our classes and use the front  and the back of the pillowcase.  There are several different poems that you can use.  The one that I use is listed below. 

I use a special, fine tip marker that is made for fabric called Fabric Mate that I purchased at Michael's.    Start early since it is a time consuming job!  We use fabric paint that you can purchase at Michael's, Walmart or Joanne's.  We use green, blue, red and yellow only.  We do one child's handprint 20 times on 20 different pillowcases in an assembly line fashion.  This saves time and paint!  We take several days to complete the project with parents helping.  I have a parent paint one child's hand and we have all 20 of the pillowcases lined up on the picnic benches where we have our snacks.  They paint the hand and stamp.  Then move on to the next pillowcase until all 20 pillowcases are completed. You will need to make a drawing (template) of the placement for each handprint in order to put the names of each child under their handprint after the paint dries.

After everyone has finished stamping their hands, I write each child's name next to their handprint.  Or, you could have each child write their own name.  This is why you need a template to figure out which hand print belongs to which child! 

Then we add a few stamps of stars, moons, etc between the handprints for decorations.  We use fabric paint that is washable for all of the paint.  This is a real keepsake that the kids love sleeping with for years to come.  This can also be done for a child moving away as a keepsake to remember friends.



Now I lay me down to sleep,
I count these hands instead of sheep,
I'll dream of how the year did pass,
In Mrs. Critchell's class.

Pre-printed pilllowcases are available for purchase. 





If you are interested in purchasing pillowcases that have the poem already written on the pillowcases, please let me know.  The cost for a standard size pillowcase in a nice poly cotton blend is $6.00 for each  pillowcase.  That includes your name personalized on the pillowcase as shown above.  All you have to do is purchase the paint and stamp the hands! 



The parents have always been happy to pay for the pillowcases.  I would be happy to supply you with a letter to the parents asking for their help in funding the project!  Please email me if you are interested in purchasing pillowcases.  You may pay by Paypal or personal check.  I will send you a request for payment if you would like to pay with Paypal.    Then you can let me know the name with the correct spelling that you would like to have written on your pillowcases.  Email:  lcritchell @ (no space in email)