Polar Bears


We have included some fun things to do for a unit on Polar Bears.

1.  Make a paper bag puppet.  Follow the link to Enchanted Learning page for directions. 

2.  Follow the link to see the polar bears at the Toledo Zoo on the Discovery Cam! 

3.  Make a yummy polar bear with marshmallows!  Click on the polar bear for directions.

4.  Fun story for telling with visuals.  Click on the bear for story and directions.  The kids will LOVE this story and beg to have it re-told again and again!


5.  Polar Bear Art  Each child is given a pattern for a polar bear and cotton to glue on.  Then they add flaky coconut for fur.

6.  Polar Bear Art

These are patterns for the children to make a polar bear.  These pages may not be accurate in proportions and you may have to adjust the sizes. 


7.  Polar Bear Poem

    Marco the Polar

    Marco the Polar Bear,   (make a circle in front of body with arms)

    White as the snow, (extend out arms proudly)

    Sat on the ice.  (sit down)


     Near the cold water's flow.  (shiver)

    "Lunch!  I need lunch," he said;  (rub stomach)

           "I'll make a wish." (put hands together)

            He stuck in his paw  (put right hand down)

          And came up with a fish!  (hold up right hand and smile!)

8.  Polar Bear Science Experiment 

This experiment teaches how polar bears keep warm in the winter with a layer of blubber. 


Some of the books that we use for our polar bear unit are:

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin

There Are No Polar Bears Down There by Trish Hart

Penguins and Polar Bear by National Geographic Society

Polar Bears by Susan Canizares

Little Polar Bear by Hans De Beer

Little Polar Bear Find a Friend by Hans De Beer

A Polar Bear Journey by Debbie Miller