Safety Unit Activities

The activities below are included in our short unit on safety each year.  We include information about playground safety, traffic safety, bus safety, etc.  

Traffic Light    

This project was done with a 6 x 12 piece of black paper, and 4 inch squares of red, yellow and green construction paper.  The corners were cut and the points rounded to make circles.  We sing the following song when we make Traffic Light: 

Red on top

And green below,                

Red Means stop,

Green means go,

Yellow means wait.....

Even if you're late!

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The traffic signal is made on 6x12 piece of black construction paper.  The circles are cut using a 3 1/2 inch square.  The children cut the corners of each square and then cut the points to make the circle.   This is a skill that they can use to make lots of different things during the year.  The children get better and better with practice! 






  This is a copy of the policeman that we make some years.  He is holding a small copy of the poem that is listed above. 



Book List for Safety Unit:

That's Dangerous!   by Isabel Bissett

Officer Buckle and Gloria   by Peggy Rathman

Safety on the Go  by Joanne Mattern

School Crossing Guards by Terri Degezelle

Traffic Safety:  Safety Sense Series by Nancy Loewen and Paul Danny