Crayon Wreath



This is a crayon wreath made with an 18 inch straw form.  Crayons are always on sale in late August at Walmart.  This was a great time to make a wreath!  I use a low temperature hot glue gun to attach the crayons to the form and then added a raffia bow. 


VIP Bulletin Board


The VIP bulletin board can be used all year to recognize each student.  The cheerleaders shown are now available for purchase, too.  For more information about the VIP program click VIP.




Apple Prints



The red, green and yellow apples are apple prints using real apples.  Hint---the apples make better stamps if you let them dry overnight after cutting them.


Fall Leaf Patterns

Leaf patterns are fun to make to using foam leaf cutouts.  I also use the dye cut machine to make fall leaf patterns.       



Chicka Boom Alphabet Letters



Chicka Boom Alphabet Letter bulletin board.  This is a great project to fill an area that is difficult to reach in the room.  I put these up in September and leave them up for the year!  For more complete directions look in September Art Projects.


Patriot's Day


September 11 is Patriot's Day!  I stamp each child's handprint using red, white and blue paint with a silver glitter for the stars.  We use a poem and each child's picture holding the flag.  This project is also included in the September Ideas link that is available for purchase