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We call this bag  "The Share Sack!"  It solved several problems in my own classroom.  With everyone trying to fit all the "standards" in each day, we really didn't have time for so many children to "share" each day.  I also found that all of the children wanted to share, but it wasn't so exciting as a listener!   I finally came up with the Share Sack idea. 


The Share Sacks can be used in several different ways.  Each day I send the Share Sack home.  You might choose to have two sacks in your classroom.  With only one or two students sharing, it makes it a very special privilege.  Everyone looks forward to his/her turn for the Sack!  You can choose the order for sharing.  I always went in the order of the cubbies.  After sharing, the bag was passed to the next cubby.  It made it super easy to keep track of who was next in line for the Share Sack--and the kids always know who comes next!! 


***Please note that if you would like to purchase two Share Sacks of different styles, you may purchase two and then email me to tell me which style and color you would like to order.   lcritchell (no space)





 A laminated copy of the letter is included in the Sack to explain the Share Sack program to parents.  It includes ideas on how parents can assist their child in choosing appropriate things to bring to school and ideas on helping their child practice what they will tell the class.  You will also be provided a link to be able to make copies of this letter---just in case it gets lost! 

The Share Sack program is also explained at the beginning of the year during our orientation.  But, I always keep the letter in the Sack to remind parents. 








This is a very cute, blue polka-dotted Share Sack with multicolor dots.  It is made with  210D Nylon material with reinforced corner grommets and a double drawcord to carry.  It measures 16- 1/2"x 14," and is sure to be a  big hit with your students!      $15 for one or 2 for $25

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This bag is available in red and blue.  It is made of a sturdy 210-denier nylon with black trim for wear protection.  It measures 20x17. 


One Red, Nylon Sack






One Blue, Nylon Sack








One Red and One Blue Nylon Sack



Two Red Nylon Share Sacks




Two Blue Nylon Share Sacks










The Red and Blue Share Sacks measure 20"x16" ---100% Non-woven, soft textured, heavy weight Polypropylene.  It is very durable and water repellent.  It can be carried as a backpack or a tote.  There is a  drawstring closure with reinforced corner grommets.  It also has a handle for students to easily carry back and forth to school.  The reflective strips are also a safety feature.   $15 or 2 for $25.



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Please let me know if you have any questions.  Email:  lcritchell@ (without the space.)