Valentine Package

Two Fun, Valentine Activities



Reading--  The first activity is a fun game to play all during the month of February and especially for a Valentine's Day party.  The five valentines are handed out to five different students and then the poem is recited.  As each child's name is called they can put the valentine on the flannel/magnetic board.  It's a fun way to include students. 

Math--The second activity is for practice in counting by 10s.  Several ideas and games are provided to help students learn to count and recognize the numbers.  $20 includes shipping for both activities.



Heart Hop

This game is played like Hop Scotch.  Using large colored paper, cut out hearts.  Laminate the hearts and put them on the floor, or you can use these outside.  Place the hearts a short distance apart for children to hop from one heart to the next. 

Broken Heart Valentine Game

This game is fun to play for matching.  Cut out half as many hearts as you have students.  If you have 20 students cut out 10 hearts.  Each heart is cut apart with zig zag type lines –down the middle.  The lines should be different on each heart.  Mix all of the pieces up and hand each child one piece.  Each child tries to find the match of their heart.  When each student has found their partner, they sit together.  It’s a great way to choose partners or have some fun matching.  These pieces could also be used at a center to practice matching!



Heart Card Match

Another similar type game is to take all of the heart cards from a deck of old playing cards.  Cut the cards in half so one number or letter is on each half.  Ask the children to pick one card, and to find the matching other half. 



Valentine, Valentine

This game is played like “Doggie, Doggie Where’s Your Bone?”

 Have one child sit in the middle of the circle, and hide their eyes.  Give another child a small heart  behind their back.  Have all the other children put their hands behind their back.  Chant the following song: 

“Valentine, Valentine,

Where’s your heart?

Someone took it from the start!”  

The child in the middle gets three guesses.  Then the child who had the Valentine goes into the middle.



Musical Hearts

This game can be played like the traditional Musical Chairs, but use hearts that have been laminated on the floor.  Be careful that the children don’t slip on the laminated hearts! 


 Catch a Valentine Game

Tie a 2 foot piece of string or fishing line to a wooden spoon. Attach a magnet to the end of the string.  Cut and laminate different colored and sized hearts from construction paper. Attach a paper clip to each heart.

Spread the heart shapes on the floor and let your child try to catch the hearts. You might choose to have a special heart as the biggest or fanciest heart.  Or, you can ask them to catch a particular heart.  This is a great game for eye hand coordination!  Or, you might choose to put letters or numbers on the different hearts to make it more academic!



 Heart Card Match

Remove the heart cards from a deck of old playing cards.  Cut the cards in half so one number or letter is on each half.  Ask the children to pick one card, then find it's other half. Kiss me Quick!