Our ABC Wish List




We would like to ask your assistance with any of the materials on the list that you might be able to contribute.    If you have any type of craft materials listed below that you are not using, please check with us before throwing it out.  We might be able to find an inventive use for it.  We appreciate everyone's help!


A    Acrylic Paints--any colors and any size container

B     Buttons, Bags, Bugs (plastic,) Backpacks, Butterflies, Baskets (small)   Brad fasteners, 

C     Cotton balls,  Crayons,  Cinnamon,  Crafts kits

D     Dried beans or peas

E     Edible type treats  (wrapped candy or gum)

F      Fabric scraps,  Felt,  Feathers,  Flowers (silk or plastic)  Fiskar children's scissors

G      Glitter, glue (4 oz white) games you no longer want

H      Handi wipes

I        Index cards

J       jars (baby food)

K      Kleenex

L       Lunch bags

M      Macaroni (uncooked) Music on cassette or CD, 

N      Noodles,  Nails,

O      Odds and Ends for crafts!

P      Paper plates,  Paint,  Photo Paper for printing photos,  Pipe Cleaners,   Pencils,  Paper (any kind!) Plastic  forks and spoons  Paint--acrylic (any color)

Q      Q tips for art

R      Ribbon,  Rick Rack

S       Stickers,   Season items,   Straw,   Sponges,  Ink  Stamp Pads,   Scissors (Fiskar brand work best)

T       Toys for birthday box,    Paper Towels

U      anything USEFUL?

V      Video tapes that you don't want anymore

W      Writing supplies,   Wood blocks 

X       Xerox paper

Y       Yarn

Z       Zip lock plastic bags (sandwich, quart or jumbo)

Thank you so much for any contribution that you might be able to make.  If your workplace has anything that they might be able to donate to a "worthy cause," we would be grateful and willing to provide them with whatever paperwork they might need for claiming a tax deduction.  


Parents have asked in the past what we need, and it is a very special treat to have parents sponsor a project that is a bit too expensive for us to do on our own.  If you are ever interested in doing this, please let us know.  There are several  companies that offer kits for classroom projects.  You might like to look at some of the ideas for different seasonal things at:  http://www.ssww.com/order/arts/  or http://www.orientaltrading.com/otcweb/application?namespace=main  for ideas.  If you would like to split the costs of sponsoring a project, that would also be nice, too!