We have started our life cycles unit and learning about butterflies.  We will be purchasing a kit to watch the life cycle of the Painted Lady butterfly.  If you have any materials on butterflies that you would be willing to share, please let us know.


VIP of the Week


We all learned many interesting things about Mr D.  His favorite color is red.  His favorite holiday is Christmas, he would like to visit his grandma and his favorite food is enchiladas!  We loved seeing all of his wonderful pictures decorating his T shirt. 






We love going to our Psychomotor class.                      




We learned that the patterns on butterflies are symmetrical.  We decorated our butterflies symmetrically with glitter, and they are beautiful! 



Each day we have a Morning Message.





Our Painted Lady caterpillars arrived on Frida .  Mrs. Critchell put each of the caterpillars in a little, plastic cup.  All of the caterpillars were very small.  They really grew fast over the weekend.  They are now twice as big as they were on Friday.  Everyone was very excited to see them!



 Day # 5 and our caterpillars are growing VERY fast!



VIP of the Week

Meet Mr. A.  We liked seeing his pictures of him and his family.  We found out that he likes the color red, he is good at playing basketball and his favorite game is Star Wars.  We made a special book for him, and we look forward to learning lots of things about him this week!






                        He liked seeing our Painted Lady caterpillars.



We made a puppet theater with stick puppets for "Peter Rabbit" to help us learn about the setting and characters in the story.  We also used them to retell the story to help us learn about how stories have a beginning, middle and ending.  We would appreciate your help in stressing these when you read stories with your child at home. 



   We have started practicing our parts for the Mother's Day Tea.  Please continue to practice each night with your child on his/her part. 


Reading is Fun!




We finished our bunny blocks.






Happy "Un-birthday" to Miss J


We loved the yummy cupcakes that she brought to share.  If anyone would like to celebrate a summer birthday like Miss J, please let Mrs. Critchell know.



                                       Great Scientists!        




Everyone was so surprised to see how much our caterpillars had grown over the weekend!  WOW!  They are huge.  This is a close up picture of the caterpillars.  Some of the caterpillars have moved to the top of the container and will soon be changing into the chrysalis stage.  After about 10 days, we should see Painted Lady butterflies!  We can hardly wait. 




                     The Jog-a-thon                   


We warmed up.      


              Get ready!    


                          GO   GO   GO!!! 








                                                                           April Award Winners




Meet our VIP of the Week

Mr.C shared lots of interesting things about himself during his interview for his special book.  We learned that he would like to trade places with a policeman.   He likes the movie, "Star Wars."  His favorite color is blue, he would like to visit Hawaii, his favorite book is about sharks and it makes him sad when he gets into trouble.  We look forward to seeing his pictures.








                                                                                                            We had a great time!!



                                                                                                            Mom and new baby on her back!





                                                                                                            Thanks to all the moms and dads!


                           We are writing our own books.  



                                                  Is that a giant butterfly?       


We made special bags to collect trash in celebration of "Earth Day."       



Twins Day at Village View

  Even though it was Twins Day at Village View, we had sextuplets in our room---all six of our girls.  Cute!




Melissa's Produce came to visit us and show us lots of different fruits and vegetables.  We also were able to taste some of the yummy things.  They gave us a goodie bag, too!



                                                             April Fun Photos             








                                                                                                 The Whole Gang!