VIP of the Week

Meet Miss E!  She shared all of her fun, family pictures with us and told us all about the things that she likes.  Her favorite color is purple, she loves ice cream and cheese pizza, and she would like to visit Hawaii.  If she could trade places with someone, she would trade with her cousin.  We all had fun making her special VIP book.






                                                                                                                      She loves the swings!


           Reading and Writing---






     We're making our Valentine containers.       


         We made our Valentine crowns.       


              Everyone loved making special patterned necklaces.        



  We have been reading about Abraham Lincoln and what he did to help our country. 

                                                                                                Happy New Year!!





                      We celebrated Chinese New Year and made our dragon puppets.


          Our Chinese New Year parade.


                                      We made little books about Chinese New Year.   






  Happy 6th Birthday to Miss G!   Thanks for sharing the yummy donuts with all of us.  We hope you have a great birthday. 




100 Days of School

Everyone was given a button for 100 Days of Learning!  


We started our 100 Days of school celebration with moving all of our bundles of tens to the 100 pocket!



We added two zeros to our chart!      



We read a fun story about 100 pigs hiding and then looked for all 100 pigs hiding all over our room.  We put all of the pigs in order....but two of the pigs are still hiding!  We hope to find them soon.






  We made a headband to help us count to 100 by 10s.   



We made a book for our 100 Day celebration. 


Then we made our Derdnuh with yummy goodies.  Everyone counted 100 things to make their special snack! 



  WOW!  Look at all of those $100 bills! 

We shared 100 things from home.          

   We made a Fruit Loop necklace by counting to 100 by tens.          




It was a great 100 Day celebration!


Happy 6th Birthday Miss C




      Congratulations to our January Award winners!


           We made special Valentine's for our families.     


We decorated Valentine cookies---YUMMMY!

 We passed out our Valentine cards. 


We had a wonderful party and thank all of the moms who helped.  A special thanks to our Room Mother, Mrs. Todd!             


  We loved the pizza, too.



                                                                                  Happy Valentine's Day!


We are learning the song "Molly Malone."  Mrs. Critchell shared pictures of Molly Malone's statue in Dublin.  We will be learning several Irish songs for March.


We have been busy this work working on trimester tests to see how much we have learned.  Mrs. Critchell is looking forward to sharing how much progress we all have made this trimester during Parent Teacher conferences!





We made a special cherry cake to celebrate Washington's birthday.




  First we counted 100 marshmallows and put them in the pan.



  Then, we added three eggs to the cake mix....and stirred, and....

                          stirred....   and stirred!   


Next, we added the cherry pie mix on the top of the cake!  YUMMM! 


Mrs. Todd helped us bake our cake.  We discovered that the cherries sunk to the bottom and the marshmallows came to the top!


  It was delicious, too!    


We had a special visitor come to our class to help us in learning about Dental Health.  She taught us how to correctly brush our teeth and gave everyone a bag of goodies to help us take care of our teeth. 


      We also made a "Super Tooth" puppet. 


Next week we will be working on Dental Health and remembering to brush our teeth.


Happy 6th Birthday!!


     Mr. C brought yummy cupcakes to share with us for his birthday.                                                                          







                                                                             Fun, Fun, Fun!!






  Wednesday was Crazy Socks Day!


A very strange sight?      



                                                                                       Fun with Dr. Seuss


We read the story of "Green Eggs and Ham."  And, then we made our own green eggs and ham. 



      Everyone loved the green eggs and ham....  


  almost  everyone?                    


1.  RAH Reading Logs are due March 3.  Please don't forget to return the form for your child to receive the February button. 

2.  We could also use Zero, the Hero treats and any type of Valentine or spring stickers.  

3.  Thanks to everyone for helping to make our 100 Days of School and Valentine Party a big success.

4.  Mrs. Critchell is looking forward to meeting with all of the parents in the next two weeks.  If you need to cancel or change your appointment time, please let her know as soon as possible.