100 Days of School Activities


Story Ideas




 1.  When I am 100 years old or This is ____at 100 years old. 

2.  Divide the paper into two parts and have the children draw a picture to illustrate each side. 

This is what I look like today.     This is what I will look like when I am 100 years old.

3.  If I had $100, I would buy________.  We give each child a copy of $100 and let them cut this out for the story.  It is just amazing at what they think $100 will buy!

4.  Another idea for story writing is to have students finish each sentence:

I would like to have 100_________.
I would like to have 100_________.
I would like to have 100_________.
But, I would not like to have________!


Other ideas to celebrate 100 Days of school

1.  Have a Derdnuh (hundred spelled backwards!) Party.  Each child brings a snack of 100 things. 

Each child is given an egg carton to count their 100 pieces into 10 of the egg cups.

Then we count 3-2-1 Derdnuh and shake the egg cartons.



    2.  Make 100 Shape Glasses

            Click on the picture to see a copy of the 100 Day Glasses that we made.  I think that we bought these from Oriental Trading Company.  Or, you can cut your own using cardstock paper. 


3.  Make a 100 Day Vest

This is another great idea that Kerry Weisner gave me.  This is a sample of one of the vests that a student made a few years ago.  He glued 100 different things on his vest using 10 of each object.  We have seen some wonderful, creative vests over the past few years.  We usually have a little parade through the primary classrooms to show off our vests!  Click on the letter below to see a sample of the homework letter sent home. 


4.  Make a 100 Cake

We made this last year and it was terrific! 

100 mini marshmallows

1 yellow cake mix (no pudding in mix)

1 can cherry pie filling

9x13 pan

Grease pan  Count out 100 marshmallows into the bottom of the pan.  Mix yellow cake mix according to the directions and pour over the marshmallows.  Pour cherry pie filling over the top.  Bake according to directions on cake mix. 

The amazing thing is that the cherries will sink to the bottom and the marshmallows will rise to the top!

This is great for George Washington's birthday with the cherries!

5.  Make a 100 Day Crown

  This is a picture of our 100 Day crown made with school buses all around the crown counting by 10s. 

Great Books for Celebrating 100 Days of School:

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates 100 Days of School by Joseph Slate

I Can Count 100 Bunnies  by Cyncy Szekeres

100th Day of School by Medearis

100 Hungry Ants by Elinor Pinczes

The Popcorn Book by Tomie dePaola

The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza

I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words by Michael Frith