February  Resource Ideas            

February is an especially busy month with so many things going on!  There is never enough time to fit all of the activities that we would like to do.  With Valentine's Day, Washington and Lincoln's birthday, Groundhog's Day, Dental Health studies, and 100 Days of School celebrations, we don't have time to do all of the activities that I have posted, but these are some of our favorites.                





My Favorite February Ideas


February Homework Ideas





Share Sack



 Patriotic  Ideas


    Valentine Activity Pack


February Flannel

Board Sets



100 Days of School Buttons


Washington Ideas




Lincoln Ideas


             Valentine Projects

 100 Days of School Ideas


 Groundhog Day Activities








This is a sample of the Kinder Block for September.  There is a monthly block for each month from September through May.  There are choices of block patterns for February--a cupid and Abraham Lincoln!  To find out more information about these fun blocks, click on the photo!





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