Fall  Books to Make


    Fall Book

This is a cute book to make for the children to take home to practice reading.  We have them add it to their Reading Treasure Box.

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Halloween Night Book

This is a another fun, little book that is easy for kindergartners to read. 

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My Bat Book

This is a little book that is made when we do our bat study during October.  We read lots of factual books about bats before we do the book.  Children illustrate each page.  The front cover is cut from black construction paper and we glue a paper label on it for the title and the child's name.  I am not sure how clear that these pages will be to print.  But, maybe you can make your own by tracing, cutting and pasting. 

Front cover:    (black construction paper)
Label:    Make a label for each book.  You can put the label on colored paper or just plain white.

Page One: 

Page Two:

Page Three:  

Page Four: 

Page Five: 

   The Scarecrow Book

This is one of my favorite books.  The scarecrow is reproduced for the cover of the book and each page.  The children color only that part of the scarecrow that is used in the sentence

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Book Cover:  Colors as follows:  yellow hat, pink face, orange collar, red shirt, blue pants, purple patches, green gloves, and brown feet.   

Page One:  My hat is yellow.  (color only the hat)

Page Two:  My face is pink. (color only the face pink)

Page Three:  My collar is orange.  (color only the collar orange)

Page Four:  My shirt is red (color only the shirt red on this page)

Page Five:  My pants are blue. (color blue)

Page Six:  My patches are purple.  (color blue)

Page Seven:  My gloves are green.  (color green)

Page Eight:  My feet are brown.   (color brown)

Page Nine:  My bird (or crow) is black. 

  (pocket to hold pointer)

This scarecrow is used as a pocket for holding the reading pointer.  Glue the outside edges of the scarecrow and leave the top part open to make the pocket.  It is glued on the inside, back cover of the book.  The crow (below) is glued (or stapled) to a craft stick to be used as a pointer to read.  The kids love the little pointers, and it reinforces tracking for beginning readers.  

Crow pointer is made and attached to the end of a  craft stick.


Falling Leaves

Since we don't really have many fall leaves in southern California, we have to be a bit creative.  These leaves were added by importing them as graphics and imposed on digital pictures of our kindergarten children.


                                      This same technique can be used to make lots of fun things for books, etc.


Another Halloween Book

"What is Black?" 


This book is what we call a "strip book."  Each strip  measures about 1 1/2 inches x 10 inches. 

We made the covers separate and stapled all of the pieces together for the children.