October Resource Ideas

Great Books for October:

When I Lived with Bats   by Faith McNutty

Witches' Supermarket  by Susan Meddaugh

Bats, Creatures of the Night by Joyce Milton

Ten Timid Ghosts  by Jennifer O'Connell

Happy Trick or Treaters  by Mary Packard

I Love Spiders  by John Parker

Hallo-Wiener  by Dave Pilkey

It's Halloween  by Jack Prelutsky

My First Halloween Book   by Colleen Reece

Spiders  by Jane Resnick

What Was I Scared Of?  by Dr. Seuss

That Terrible Halloween Night  by James Stevenson

One Halloween Night by Mark Teague

The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything  by Linda Williams

Teddy Bears Trick-or-Treat  by Sam Williams

The Teeny Tiny Ghost  by Kay Winters

Amazing Bats   by Jerry Young

Two Little Witches  by Harriet Zierfert

All About Owls  by Jim Arnosky

Spider's Web  by Christine Back