Fire Safety Ideas

These are some of my favorite activities that we use during  Fire Prevention Week.  Our local fire department offers a tour of the fire station.  We try to arrange a walking field trip for our students.  However, we haven't had the greatest luck while visiting the station.  One year they received a call and all of the firefighters left the station.  Our visit was cut short!  Last year we arrived to an empty station.  One of the other fire stations in the city had the paramedics arrive to conduct our tour.  They did a great job, and we appreciated them showing the children the station.




Fire Prevention Week

 October 6-12, 2002

A great resource for Fire Prevention is available online.  Click on the picture above for lots of great ideas! 

Some of the information included:

1.  Grid for making an escape plan for children.

2.  Hazards to look for in the home.

3.  Smoke alarms

4.  Children's links for activities.



                   Stop, Drop and Roll Lesson

Discuss with children causes of fire and the dangers of matches, candles, lighters, space heaters, stoves, fireplaces, barbecue grills, fireworks, etc.  We practice STOP, DROP, and ROLL by attaching red paper to look like fire on the children and we practice this.  They need to physically practice this technique so they will know what to do if an emergency arises.  They will discover that they need to continue rolling to put the "fire" out! 




    Firefighter Hats

There are several ways to make hats and I have included three different ideas.

1.  For each child use plain newspaper.  Take four sheets of newspaper and lay it out on a table (flat) with mismatched corners.  Put all four layers on top of the child's head.  Make a crown with masking tape by going around the head (covered with newspaper!)  Take the newspaper off and roll the outside layers of newspaper to the shape of a firefighter's hat.  Tape the rolled part down with small pieces of masking tape.  Roll the sides of the hat more than the front and back.  Paint the hats and make a badge for the front of the hat.  These hats turn out really cute.  I hope to have a picture of one soon.  Please check back!

2.  Make a headband type firefighter's hat.  Click on the picture to enlarge picture. 

3.  This pattern was a bit too big to scan, but perhaps you can get the idea and make your own pattern.  The back of the hat is also rounded.   There is a strip of paper 1"x10 inches that attaches by stapling where the lines are located.  This strip goes over the top of the child's head to hold the hat on!  We made a separate badge and put gold glitter on it.   The kids loved that glitter! 

Click on picture to enlarge.




       Fire Prevention Rule Book

This is a book of fire prevention rules that looks like a book of matches.  I am not sure where this pattern or idea came from, but as I think that I adapted it from something that I saw on the web last year. 

The first picture shows the matchbook opened.

This is a copy of the master that I copied on white construction paper for the children to cut out.   Red glitter was used on the tips of the matches. 

Click on the picture below to enlarge. 






This is the clip art that I used to make the cover of the little book of rules.  The book of matches folds over like a real book of matches.



 Fire Safety Links

Sparky the Fire Dog





  Books We Use

Fire Fighting    by Gallimard Jeunesse

Fire Station      by Robert Munsch

My Fire Engine  by Michael Rex

Curious George at the Fire Station by H.A. Reys

Dot, the Fire Dog   by Lisa Desimini

Fire, Fire   by Gail Gibbons

Smokey the Bear  

I Want to Be a Firefighter

Flashing Fire Engines by Tony Milton