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The story board sets are made using heavy laminated paper with Velcro or a magnetic strip  attached to the back.  Paypal is offered and is a faster way to receive your flannel board sets.  If you would like to pay by check or money order, please contact me by email for address.


***Note---  Story boards pieces are made using Velcro backing.  If you need the magnetic backing, please let me know.  These magnetic pieces work super well on white boards that are also magnetic! 



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Brown Bear, Brown Bear




"Brown Bear, Brown Bear" is a favorite of everyone.  This set includes 11 pieces to tell the story.  $20 includes shipping.





The Kissing Hand



"The Kissing Hand" is a wonderful story to start the year or any time of the year!  The set includes 13 different pieces.  $20 includes shipping for this set.



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Chrysanthemum is a great story to start the year off!  It's fun to find out how the children received their own name.  It's also a great story for teaching kindness and developing friendships.  $20 includes shipping.


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Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse






Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse is another wonderful story to start the year off!  Lilly wants to share her special purse, and forgets the rules about sharing her purse.  This is a very cute story for helping students understand rules in the classroom.  $20 without the paperback book.  $22 with the paperback book.


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Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse paperback book and flannel board set



Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse flannel board set











"The Little Red House" 






This is one of the best stories for storytelling.  Children have always loved this story!  They want to hear it again and again.  If you aren't familiar with "The Little Red House,"  click on the apple.  I have never seen this story in  book form, but there are lots of different versions of it on line.  I finally decided that it would be great to have visuals to go with the story.  $15 includes shipping. 


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There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!







The Little Old Lady comes back with this fun story for fall.  The kids will love the rhyme and illustrations for the surprise ending!  It's a great story for sequencing and predicting the ending.  Flannel board set is $15 including shipping.  It is also available with the paperback book for $20.  See below.





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"Five Little Apples"

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A great flannel board or magnetic set for "Five Little Apples."  The poem is provided to use with your students.  This poem is easy to use with an apple or plant unit.  It also works great for beginning of the school year.  $15 includes shipping.




"The Wheels on the Bus"


Using flannel board sets for songs and stories is a fun way to incorporated phonmic awareness and other pre-reading skills with students.  $15 includes shipping.


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Who Stole the Cookies?


This is a terrific book and students will love sequencing the story with the characters in the story.  It's also a fun way to learn students names playing the game below.  $15 includes shipping.










  Number Writing Poems

Flannel Board and Activity Cards





This is a set of number poems to help in teaching how to write the numbers from 1-10 correctly.  There is a short, catchy poem for each number that help children remember how to form each number.  For example:


Number 1
is like a stick
A straight line down
that's very quick!



There is a laminated number card with dotted lines for each number from 1-10 that can be used on a flannel board.  Or, the cards can be used as an activity for children to trace the numbers with a crayon or Vis-a-Vis marker.  Also, there is a laminated poem page that includes all of the poems for the teacher.  The poems are great to use independently to reinforce number writing!  I liked to include these poems as part of our daily routine at the beginning of the school year!  The cards can be used over and over as an independent activity or for demonstrating how to write each of the numbers. The individual cards have the poem written at the bottom for that number--see photo.  $20 for the set & includes shipping!





"Shape Poems"



These wonderful poems are a great way to help teach shapes.  Each card is 8 x 10 inches and can be used as a flannel board set with Velcro backing to introduce the shapes.  Or, you may choose to use them on your bulletin board to display the shapes throughout the school year.  Poems are also available with magnetic backing--please let me know by email if you would prefer magnetic backing.

  $20 includes shipping.












This is a wonderful story of a little bat separated from her mother as a baby.  The flannel board pieces are great for using to sequence the story, setting and reading comprehension.  $20 includes shipping.











"There was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!"






This is a fun story with a Halloween theme that is sure to be a big hit with all the kids.  She swallows a wizard, some bones, a ghost, a cat, an owl, a goblin, and a bat!  $15 includes shipping.






















"The Big Pumpkin"







A wonderful Halloween tale that teaches a great lesson on cooperation, sharing and making friends!

$15 includes shipping.










The Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything







This is a great story for the fall and especially Halloween!  Children love the suspense with the little old lady who discovers that she is afraid!  $15 includes shipping.








Five Little Pumpkins

This classic poem for "The Five Little Pumpkins" comes with a laminated poem that can be used over and over.   $15 includes shipping.





"Five Little Turkeys!"






This flannel board set includes two different versions of "Five Little Turkeys" and all of the pieces for you to use with your class.  $20 includes shipping.




"How the Turkey Got His Tail Feathers"

"How the Turkey Got His Tail Feathers" is a very cute story that teaches a great lesson on anger management!  The printed story is included with this flannel board set.  $20 includes shipping.


There is also a student made book that is goes with this story.  Click for more information about this book and story.

"I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie"





The little old lady is back with a favorite story for fall and Thanksgiving.  This is a regular flannel board set.  $15 includes shipping.















A very cute, silly story of a Moose trying to get ready for the holidays!  This flannel board set comes with the paperback book, too.  $22 for both!



















There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell





This is another great adventure of the little old lady.  It is a terrific story to use for sequencing and rhyming words.  The children are sure to love the story and it's a fun book to add to your December file.  $20















Gingerbread Baby







Jan Brett's "Gingerbread Baby" is a fun version of the classic Gingerbread Man story with a different twist at the end!  Children will love using the characters to act out the story.  $20 includes shipping









The Gingerbread Man Flannel Board



Gingerbread Man Flannel Board set with all the characters to tell the story.  This works well with all the gingerbread activities that are included in the December Resources.  The flannel board set is also fun to use for sequencing, character study, settings, and all of those other goals that are now required!  


Flannel board set with paperback book---$22








Flannel board set-- $15







"Five Little Gingerbread Men Poem"


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Five Gingerbread Men comes with the characters and the poem.  $15 including shipping.




"Down by the Cool of the Pool"




This is a very cute story of all of the animals coming to dance, flap, prance, flip, flap, wiggle before splashing in the pool!  The set includes the book for $22.










"Harry the Dirty Dog" has been an all time favorite story for children for many, many years.  Children will love seeing the story with all of the fun pictures in this flannel board set.  $20 includes shipping!  All flannel board sets are available with Velcro or magnetic backing.  Please let me know if you prefer magnetic backing. 













"The Night Before the Tooth Fairy"



This is a delightful story of a little boy and his excitement in losing his first tooth.  Children will love the cute, surprising ending to the story, too!  This flannel board sets includes the paperback book --$22.











"Five Green and Speckled Frogs"


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This flannel board set has all the frogs and bugs with the song/poem.  It is a great way to develop phonemic awareness skills.  Kids love singing the song, too.  $15---including shipping!




Mrs. Wishy Washy

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Mrs. Wishy Washy is a fun, little story that is well liked by all.  The kids will love using the characters and pieces to retell the story over and over!  $15 includes shipping.





"The Very Hungry Caterpillar"


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  Eric Carle's story of the life cycle of a butterfly.  All of the fun pieces to tell the story of how the caterpillar goes through from egg, caterpillar, large caterpillar, cocoon and the beautiful butterfly.  $20 includes shipping.



"Old MacDonald Had a Farm"

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This is great for singing and sequencing the song.  Children love to sing and use the pieces!  $20 includes shipping. 



















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