Groundhog Day Activities


Most of the things that I use for Groundhog's day are copyrighted and I am not able to include.  I have listed some of the ideas that we use in our classroom.


Ideas for Groundhog's Day

1.  Watch CNN with your class to find out if Mr. Groundhog sees his shadow.   

2.  Check the newspaper and have the children bring in pictures of Mr. Groundhog.

3.   Shadow Hand Plays  Use a light color background and use an old project or a flashlight.  Turn off the lights to make the room dark.  Make shadows!

4.  Make an animal poster.  Talk about where animals live.  Divide class into four groups and have children draw pictures of animals that live: on the ground, off the ground (birds, sloths, etc.) under the ground, and in the water. 


Two Little Groundhogs
by Kathryn Jackson

Two little groundhogs
Half asleep
And all curled up
In a furry heap,
Said, "Where's our daddy?
His bed's all flat--
And he's taken his overcoat and hat!"

"He's gone upstairs,"
Their mother said,
"To see how long
We can stay in bed--
If he sees his shadow
We'll stay right here,
Why Springtime
Is very near--?

But shadow or no,
They never heard
What their daddy said
No, never a word
For all curled up
In a furry heap,
Those two little groundhogs
Were sound asleep!


Groovin' Groundhog

Who's that sleeping
Under the ground?
Waiting for spring
Not making a sound?

On February second,
Looking for fun.
Hoping the clouds
Will hide the sun.

Seeing no shadow
He comes out to play.
Because he knows
It's Groundhog Day!


Punxsutawney Phil  by Julia Moultran
Capyboppy by Bill Peet
Gregory's Shadow by Don Freeman
Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather by Bruce Koscielniak