The Kissing Hand Activities





 There are so many fun ideas for "The Kissing Hand" that I have put together a package that include the following:


1.  A student made book that is a black line copy of Chester and his first day of school.  There are eight small pages that can be put together for the children to color and take home.  This is a great way for the children to tell the story to parents.  It can be used the first day or anytime!





2.  Chester paper bag puppet with directions and patterns for the children to make their own puppet.






 3.  "Saying Goodbye" book cover and story starter page for the children to make a class book.  Each child expresses his feelings on the first day of school on their story starter paper.  There is a black line master copy that has dotted font for the children to trace.  There is space for their illustrations at the top of the page.  This can be done as a class activity or as a homework.







 4.  Handprint magnet pattern and directions to make a magnet.  This is a great little magnet for the children to have to hold all of their "treasures" on the refrigerator at home!






5.  Number matching cards to practice counting and identifying numbers from 1-9.  The cards can be copied and used as a center or independent activity.




  6.  Math Worksheet to practice counting "raccoon paw prints."



 7.  Handprint puzzle directions and ideas using purchased puzzles.  There are also two PDF files of the  poem to go along with the puzzle.  You can choose to print in black ink or color.  The poem is attached to the puzzle as a take home souvenir for "The Kissing Hand."   





  8.  Kissing Hand Tic Tac Toe card and markers that can be copied to play this fun game.  Use as a center or independent activity.




     9.  Venn Diagram pattern and ideas to use for The Kissing Hand.


Handwriting/Worksheet/for/Names 10.  This is a  PDF black line worksheet with large blank, dotted lines you can copy to provide extra practice for correctly writing names or other writing practice.  I like to write each child's name in marker on the top line and then they practice on the next four lines.

Number/Writing/Worksheet/ 11.  Two PDF black line worksheets to practice writing numbers from 0-10.  Numbers are shown at the beginning of each line with dotted lines and arrows to show how to make each number correctly.  This is a great worksheet that can be done at school or for used as a homework sheet. 



The price is $15 for all of the ideas.  I hope that they will become some of your favorites, too!  You can pay with Paypal, or contact me if you would like to pay by check.  When payment is made, a access link will be provided for you to be able to instantly access the materials. 



                ***If you do not receive your link within 24 hours, please contact me.   There may be a problem with you receiving the email.



Kissing Hand Flannel Board

For more details on flannel board sets,

  "The Kissing Hand "



Kissing Hand Buttons

Another fun idea is to give each child a little button after reading "The Kissing Hand."  These are one inch, metal buttons that are available for purchase.  A class set of 20 buttons is $15.  If you need more than 20 buttons, just let me know. 


        Plain heart  




                                            I School




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