Reading Ideas



High-Frequency Word Books

This is a set of five, student made books that feature commonly used sight words.   The books are easily reproduced for students to make their very own book.  Each page of the books has a space provided for students to write the featured sight word.  The same sight word is repeated throughout that book--see samples below. This gives students an opportunity for lots of extra practice to reinforce these tricky, high-frequency words.  The last page of each book provides a space for students to have family and friends sign their name to indicate the student has read the book to them.  This encourages students to take the book home and practice reading skills.  You might like to have students return their book to school to share with you how many times they have practiced reading their book--GREAT HOMEWORK PRACTICE!

For more detail click for Sight Word Books.




Manuscript and D'Nealian Alphabet Writing Book


The Alphabet Book has all 26 letters of the alphabet in capital and lower case for students to practice.  You may choose the traditional "ball and stick" or D'Nealian style book.  A book cover is provided if you would like to use as a book.  Or, you can use each worksheet independently.  These are great for homework!

For more details click ABC BOOK.



Making New Words

This book is a great way to reinforce the phonetic skills learned to make new words.  The book can be used as a group activity or independently.  It also works great to use for weekly homework.  For more information and sample pages, click on Making New Words Book.



Alphabet Letter Box Book



This is one of my favorite books to make in Kindergarten.  It helps to reinforce writing and phonetics in a fun, creative way!  The book can be used in several different ways.  For more information click on Alphabet Letter Box Book.






I also have many different flannel board sets that might work for a theme you are working on.   To view these, click on Flannel Board Sets.  If you have other ideas or needs, please let me know.   Check back often----I will continue to add new materials!