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I have had so many requests for special directions and patterns for the "Monthly Blocks" that I am making these available to those who are interested.  You will be provided with full colored pictures, patterns and detailed directions.  There is a different character for each of the months from September through May.    An on line link will be provided to access the directions and patterns.  Please make sure you provide the correct email address for me to be able to send you this link.  There are no shipping charges since this is a digital link.  You will be able to start your projects as soon as you receive this link. 

The blocks that the children make use a 2x4x6 inch piece of wood.  They last forever and will be a family treasure for many, many years to come.  Many parents tell me that they still have all of the blocks and use them each year! 



 You will receive detailed directions to make the following:

SeptemberApple man ( see sample)

October   Pumpkin man

November  Turkey

December  Reindeer

January  Snowman

February  2 different blocks for Feb--Cupid and Abe Lincoln

March  Leprechaun

April   Bunny

May  Bee

I will provide the link for you as soon as I receive payment for you to be able to get started right away on your monthly blocks!!  The cost will be $14.99 with no shipping charges.  If you would like to pay with Paypal using a credit card or check, click below on the link.  If you would like to pay by check, please contact me at:  lcritchell@ kinderteacher.com (no space.)









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