This is a package of my favorite activities for November.  There are ideas for reading, math,  and social studies that are fun and educational.  All of the patterns are included with PDF files that make it easy to copy and use in your classroom.  The following are included in the November Ideas package. 



Veteran's Day 






To celebrate Veteran's Day we made poppies with a special poem attached.  Patterns, directions and poem is included in PDF files. 









Directions and photos are included to make unique fun, fall trees.  There is also a "Falling Leaves" poem included. 

Each child's picture is different and they all make a cute bulletin board.  Also included is a PDF file to print a "Fall Fun" banner.  This project can be done in early fall and kept up until Thanksgiving!







Scarecrow Home Project 



This is a fun project that can be done as a home project or at school.  There is  a large, legal size scarecrow pattern in a PDF file and a letter to the parents with suggestions in decorating the scarecrow.  This is another project that can be completed and displayed until Thanksgiving. 



The Scarecrow Book


This is one of everyone's all time favorite student made books.  It's a great book for teaching color words and tracking words in reading.  Each of the pages has one part of the scarecrow colored making it very simple, easy reading for the children.    The kids love using the crow pointer that was made using a popsicle stick to track the words!

All pages and the crow pointer patterns are included in PDF files.


I Love Fall Book




This is a student made book that reinforces color words and high frequency words.  PDF files are provided for this little book.  There are nine student pages in the book (third of a page each.)   







I Am Thankful Turkeys


These 3 D turkeys are super cute for bulletin boards, memory books and fun to display on fall bulletin boards.  Children write what they are thankful for on the feathers of the turkey.  Patterns and directions are included in  PDF files.  


Mayflower Writing

This is a great writing activity that can be used for a bulletin board, or you can put all of the stories together for a class book.  Children complete the sentence and draw pictures of special things they would take with them if they were traveling on the Mayflower as a Pilgrim.  The writing paper and book cover are included in PDF files.






November Math Sorting Worksheet


This is a great way to teach or assess student in sorting skills.  Students cut and paste objects and glue in the circles.  Worksheet is in a PDF file.  I apologize for the poor quality of the sample above, but the file you will receive is clear. 



November Math Counting


Students count the November objects and write the number in the squares for extra practice in math, or you might use this as an assessment.  Worksheet is a PDF file, and I apologize for the poor quality of this sample.  The PDF is very clear!




When You Meet a Turkey Book

This is a cute, little book that the children make for easy reading.  It follows a pattern of "When you meet a turkey, tickle his head, tickle his tummy, etc.  The last page is shown at the right with the turkey dashing off.  The book is copied on two sheets of paper that is divided in fourth making eight student pages. 








Thanksgiving Book


This is a student made book written in a Brown Bear format to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving. There are eight half pages for students to color and read.



Turkey Time Quilt


Directions and patterns with photos for making this fun quilt for November.




Turkey Faces!



Patterns and directions are given to make cute little turkey faces.  These are great for memory books or to display for November.











Gobble, Gobble Games


"Gobble, Gobble" is an card game that can be played with as many as six or seven children, or as few as two.  We play it to learn alphabet letter names and sounds.  The students LOVE this game, and it is a great way to teach practice alphabet letter names and sounds!   





  "Gobble, Gobble" can also be played for teaching number recognition.  The number game is played with the same rules as the alphabet game.  Number cards from 1-30 are included. 


 PDF files are provided to print all of the alphabet and number cards. 


Thanksgiving Day Card




Patterns and directions are given in a PDF file to make the above Thanksgiving Day card.  PDF files are distorted in the sample, but they will appear correctly when you print.



Dressed Turkeys



Patterns and full directions are given to make the "Dressed Turkeys."



Tic Tac Toe




Everyone loves playing Tic Tac Toe.  A PDF file is included to print four of the games on one sheet of paper.  These are great to use in a center or as an independent activity.  They can also be colored with crayon. 

***The sample above does not have the tic tac toe lines, but lines are included on the PDF file.



  November Bingo     





   A blank grid and pictures (in a PDF file) are included for each child to make their own, unique Bingo card for November.    The samples shown are in low resolution and may appear distorted, but the PDF files will print correctly.







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