I have put together a package of "My Favorite October Ideas" with detailed directions, photos and patterns to complete all of the projects and activities that are pictured or described below.  Please contact me if you have any questions. 



Patterned Pumpkins

These pumpkins have always been a fun project that also is a great way to teach patterns.  I have put together detailed directions on how to do the projects with lots of different shapes and styles of jack-o-lantern faces for children to have lots of choices on how to make their own jack-o-lantern face. They can mix and match different eyes, noses and mouths to create their own jack-o-lantern face.  If you are not permitted to do Halloween type projects, you can still do "fall pumpkins" and just do the patterns on the pumpkins without the jack-o-lantern face!  Examples are also given for these pumpkins with lots of photos.

I have also included detailed directions and photos on how to make the large pumpkins on the vine for you to make your own bulletin board display for fall.  I have always kept the large pumpkins up until Thanksgiving.  It's a great way to display scarecrows, fall leaves or other fall bulletin boards.  There is also a banner in a PDF file that is easily copied for use on your bulletin board.


Sorting Pumpkins


This is an activity with printouts to sort pumpkins by sizes.  It includes complete directions with a PDF file for the pumpkins. 

Student made book with PDF files that is easily copied for a take home book.


Columbus Day Hats



Columbus Day Hats ---  Patterns and directions are given to make these hats.  Also, how  to make adjustable headbands.







Columbus Day Boats




A cute Columbus Day boat with patterns, photos and complete directions are also included with the October Ideas package.  This makes a very cute Bulletin Board to celebrate Columbus Day.


Halloween Story

This is a great Halloween Story that you fold and cut to tell the story.  It comes with complete directions, photos and hints for telling the story that keep the kids on the edge of their seats!  There is also a copy of the story to use in class to make it super easy to tell.



Pasta Skeleton

Pasta skeleton project is a great way to teach health and taking care of our bodies.  We always stress that skeleton's aren't scary since we all have a skeleton!  Helpful hints, photos and a skeleton poster is included with this project. 


Skeleton Science/Health Ideas


This includes ideas for a skeleton project with photos, directions, and ideas for a short science/health for children.  There is also a math graphing activity included with PDF file that makes it easy to copy and complete with your class. 


Five Little Pumpkins


Five Little Pumpkins is a great poem to use for phonemic awareness in October.  There is an art project for the children to make that comes with a poem label for "Five Little Pumpkins."  The label is in a PDF file to make it easy to copy.  There is also a colorful copy for you to use in your class.  This art project comes with complete directions, photos and helpful hints. 


The Chocolate Chip Ghost



This is a terrific story that comes with an easily printed PDF file copy of the story.  It also has the graphics in a PDF file  to make your own colored, flannel board story




Halloween Bingo Pumpkins


Halloween Bingo is a fun way to build vocabulary and improve listening skills.  It's also another opportunity to work on small motor skills as they make their own Bingo card.    Both the blank grid and the pictures are provided in a PDF file for student to create their own unique Bingo card. 









Alphabet Card Game



Boo is an alphabet card game that can be play with as many as six or seven children, or as few as two children.  The students LOVE this game, and it is a great way to teach alphabet letter names and sounds!    A PDF file is provided to print the cards. 




Directions are given for this whole group game.  This can be part of a Halloween party, or used when you have just a few minutes left over before starting a new project!




Halloween Card



Directions and patterns in PDF files are given to make Halloween cards for parents, reading buddies or friends.


Directions and PDF files are given to complete an math estimation activity and small bulletin board with students.


Other Math activities include an estimation and patterning activity.



Fall Leaves

Beautiful fall leaves are fun and easy with the directions and PDF files for patterns, too. 


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October Ideas





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