I have put together some of my favorite things for September.  There are ideas for reading, math, social studies, bulletin boards and art.  Patterns are included with PDF files that will be easily copied to use in your classroom.  All of the ideas listed below are included in the September Ideas package.



Complete directions with patterns for the apple art project.  These are great to save for Memory Books!





Apple Stamping


Helpful hints for doing apple stamping with your class. 






Treasure Boxes   Includes directions for completing the boxes with your students, copies of two letters to the parents (before and after the project) to copy, black line page for making labels for the boxes, key ring label directions and pattern---plus lots of other helpful ideas.  All of the pages are in PDF form to make it easy to copy and use in your classroom!



Patriot's Day activity for celebrating America.  This can be used at any time of the year, but I have used it for September 11 at the beginning of the year.  It goes along great with learning "The Pledge of Allegiance," too.  The poem and label are both in PDF form to make it easy to copy--cut and paste! 




"The Little House with No Doors and No Windows"

 The complete story is provided to read to your students with a little souvenir poem for your students to take home after reading the story!  This is one of the all time favorite stories of the year.  Kids always beg to have me tell it over and over.







The apple seed graph is a activity paper (in pdf form) for students to use to count the seeds in their apple.  There are also ideas on how to make a group graph with all of the students.




 "Ten Apples On Top" is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.  This is a great time to use it for counting, too! 






  Seasons of the Year is a fun project to teach the four seasons and how the seasons change throughout the year.  Several different ideas are given with the PDF file.











  "The Kissing Hand" is another favorite stories that I start the year off using.  A story starter page with space for a picture, and book cover is provided to make your own class book. 






  Handwriting practice page for students to learn how to write their name correctly.  This page is a PDF file with hints and ideas on how to use the worksheet for extra practice.







Johnny Appleseed's Birthday is fun to celebrate!  This provides the letter for your students to take home to prepare for the day. 







If you are interested in purchasing this package of "My Favorite Kindergarten Ideas for September," let me know.  The price is $15 for all of the ideas.  I hope that they will become some of your favorites for September, too!  I have a direct Paypal payment set up, but you can email me if you are interested in paying by check or money order.  When payment is made, an access link will be provided for you to be able to instantly access the materials. 


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