December Ideas







This is a package of my favorite activities for December.  There are lots of ideas for reading, math, social studies, holiday activities, gifts, and games that are fun and educational.  All of the patterns are included with PDF files that make it very easy to copy and use in your classroom.  Detailed directions are also included with each of the activities shown. 







               Poinsettia Art



These beautiful poinsettias are great for December.  They make a festive bulletin board display, great addition to  memory books, or use in many other ways.  Complete directions, patterns, tips and ideas are given in PDF files.    

Holiday Cards





Patterns and directions are given in a PDF file to make the Santa and Candy Cane cards with inserts.



Make a book of "Our Favorite Part of the Gingerbread Story"


Student page and book cover for making a class book of everyone's favorite part of the Gingerbread Man story are provided in PDF file.







 Directions and patterns are given in PDF form for students to write a letter to Santa.  This can be used for homework or for a class project.  I apologize for the poor quality of the letter form (left.)  The PDF file for the letter to Santa is a clear copy!











Snowman Project


"Snowballs" by Lois Ehlert is a great book to read for making snowmen.  Complete directions, ideas and helpful hints are provided for making these jolly snowmen.  Also, directions are given for how to make a big snowman for your bulletin board.






"Reindeer Instructions" is a great student made book to reinforce word tracking.  It also reinforces over, under around and through!  The children love using the reindeer pointer that was made using a popsicle stick to track the words.  All of the pages and patterns are included in a PDF file. 








Students love making and reading this clever book on how to keep that Gingerbread Man from getting away!  Directions and patterns are provided in PDF files.






Christmas Tree Homework Projects


This is a great homework project for students to complete with their family.  A letter with directions is included with the homework project.  Christmas tree pattern is 8 x 14 (legal size.)







Gingerbread Man Home Project



This is a fun project to get parents involved!  Each child decorates a gingerbread man at home in whatever way that they like.  It is always fun to see how many different ways there are to decorate!  Pattern and directions are given in PDF files.

I have provided some ideas on how to build a simple, gingerbread house in your classroom.








Make a Menorah!  In 2008, Hanukkah begins at sundown on December 11, 2009.  Complete directions and patterns are given to make this Menorah.  Patterns are all in PDF files.



Christmas Ornaments or Gifts


Patterns and detailed directions are given to make these keepsake ornaments.  They also make great gifts for the children to give to their parents and are not expensive to make!



Candy Cane Ornament




Directions and ideas with helpful hints for Kindergartners to make these simple but cute ornaments!   The kids are amazed at how easy they are to make---they only look hard! 







Snowman Gift Cans



Complete directions for making these cute snowmen cans with your class.  They are great for sending fragile ornaments home or make great gifts with just the can and a card!





Magic Reindeer Food


Santa's elves deliver a letter straight from the North Pole with complete patterns and directions for the students to make "Magic Reindeer Food Bags."   These bags are filled with magic food to feed Rudolph and his buddies on Christmas Eve.




December Bingo

Bingo is a fun way to build vocabulary and improve listening skills.  It's also another opportunity to work on small motor skills as  the student make their own Bingo card.  Both the blank grid and the pictures are provided in a PDF file for students to create their own unique Bingo card.





December Alphabet Card Game

This is an alphabet card game that can be played with as many as six or seven students, or as few as two.  The students LOVE this game, and it is a great way to teach alphabet letter names and sounds!  A PDF file is provided to print the cards.




Phonemic Awareness Card Game




This game is used to teach and/or reinforce Consonant - Vowel - Consonant words (CVC.)   It can be played with two or more players.  You can use it for spelling or orally sounding out the words.  Multiple cards are provided in a PDF file. 










Alphabet Practice Worksheet



Two alphabet worksheets for practice in writing the letters correctly.  The first worksheet is dotted for tracing.  The second worksheet is a blank grid with 26 spaces for all letters of the alphabet.  It can be used for practice or as an assessment tool.  PDF file is much clearer than the samples above. 



Worksheet to Review "M, T and H" Sounds



Number Writing Practice Worksheet



Two PDF file worksheets are provided for students to practice writing numbers from 1-50.  The first worksheets has dotted lined numbers to be traced.  The second worksheet is a blank grid with only the 10s shown.  The blank grid is a great tool for assessment, too.  I apologize for the poor quality of the above samples.  The PDF files are very clear!


Math Sorting Worksheet


This cut and paste worksheet can be used for practice in how to sort or as an assessment tool.  PDF file is much clearer than the sample. 



Gingerbread Man Graph


This is a really fun graph to make while eating gingerbread cookies!   YUM!   The class could make their own gingerbread cookies and then graph which part was eaten first.  All of the patterns and directions are given to make the graph.  The banner,  body part signs and a small gingerbread man pattern are provided in PDF files.



Class Christmas Tree





Ideas and Helpful hints on how to make your own classroom Christmas tree.  Banner and patterns are in PDF files.  There are two choice in kinds of trees you can make for December:


1.  Make a tree asking parents for help in donating classroom supplies.  Each light bulb on the tree has a supply needed such as cotton balls.  Parents take the light bulb as a reminder!  Light bulb pattern is provided.




2.  Make a tree to display students' photos as "Precious Gifts" under the tree! 







                                                                        Pattern Necklaces Ideas  




"My Favorite December Activities" with all of the activities listed on this page is available for purchase for $15.  I hope that they will become some of your favorites, too!  I have a direct Paypal payment set up, but you can email me if you are interested in paying by check or money order.  When payment is made, an access link will be provided for you to be able to instantly access the materials. 

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